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Commercialization & HEOR

Xtalks keeps its audience abreast on the latest and most important topics in health industry economics through its commercialization & HEOR (health economics and outcomes research) webinars. Topics include health economic assessments, pharmacoeconomics, access challenges, strategic alliances and the use of drug models to determine commercialization strategy.

Burgeoning topics and more recent trends featured in our commercialization & HEOR webinars include the utilization of real-world evidence (RWE) in HEOR and to expedite drug approvals. There is increasing realization that RWE can be a valuable added source of data to clinical trial data. For example, a drug could attain marketing authorization sooner if makers can provide RWD from Phase II trials. If enough data is accrued, it could mitigate the need for later stage trials, accelerating the time to market, and ultimately, to patients. This is particularly important in the case of treatments for diseases with unmet needs, such as many rare genetic diseases.

Check out our commercialization & HEOR webinars to also learn about how RWE can contribute to increasing cost-effectiveness by reducing the need to conduct late-stage clinical trials, which can be expensive. Expansion of a therapy to other indications can also be supported by RWE and again, bypass the need for additional trials.

Developing early communication with regulators to seek scientific advice is also critical to early development through to manufacturing, market authorization and commercialization. Building strategic industry partnerships is also key, but it’s important to know how to find the right commercial partners, at the right time. Our commercialization & HEOR webinars bring you expert advice from industry professional on these topics and more.

Digital technologies are allowing for innovative new options and solutions in the development, large-scale manufacturing and commercialization of pharmaceutical products. There is increased focus on building efficiencies into every step of drug development and digitization in manufacturing spaces is one such efficiency that can facilitate efficient scale-up whilst ensuring adherence to GMP and critical-to-quality attributes. Register for some of our commercialization & HEOR webinars to learn more.

Xtalks’ commercialization & HEOR webinars help industry professionals keep up to speed with new and changing policies and guidelines from local and global health authorities. Learn how to increase product value through strategic planning and gaining commercial insights from industry insiders through our commercialization and HEOR webinars.

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