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Laboratory Technology

Our laboratory technology webinars deliver the latest developments in cutting-edge technologies for a broad range of applications in the life sciences. Webinars in this category include lab tools used in both preclinical and clinical research.

Laboratory webinar topics range from advancements in traditional lab tools such as PCR and cell and blood culture techniques to new innovations such as digital lab assistants and AI/machine learning-based data analytical tools. Sample storage and sample handling are also major topics when dealing with time and temperature sensitive material. The area of biologics and vaccines continues to grow, requiring new development approaches and technologies.

The demand and need for point of care testing tools have proliferated, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The need for rapid, actionable results for infectious and other disease areas will persist, necessitating testing technologies that have a high degree of accuracy and sensitivity.

Laboratory technologies have a broad range of applications spanning almost every disease area, with prominent areas of research including oncology and infectious diseases. Extracting biological insights from biological materials through high throughput, multiplexed and multipronged approaches that encompass genomics, proteomics and metabolomics, among others, requires careful planning and application of the appropriate techniques and technologies.

Browse Xtalks’ laboratory technology webinars for a wide selection of content on the latest lab tools for diverse life science research areas. Recent webinar topics have included digital imaging analysis, immune cell profiling, oligonucleotide purification, single cell technologies and point of care testing for infectious diseases including COVID-19. Cutting edge laboratory technologies enable for actionable insights and results for everything from early disease detection to personalized treatments and care.

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