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Pharmacovigilance deals with the collection and analysis of post-approval data for drugs to ensure they are safe for long-term use. It involves the detection, evaluation, understanding and prevention of adverse effects associated with any drug or vaccine. All medicines and vaccines undergo rigorous testing for safety and efficacy through clinical trials before they are authorized for use. As therapeutics continue to become more complex and personalized to each patient, biopharma companies will face new challenges in tracking adverse reactions and complying with pharmacovigilance guidelines established by diverse regulatory agencies around the world. Pharmacovigilance webinar topics include strategies for outsourcing, managing safety reporting in emerging markets and new models that foster innovations in pharmacovigilance.

Our pharmacovigilance webinars allow industry professionals to remain up to date on the current developments in safety regulations in different parts of the world. This is important in global post-marketing strategies to monitor drug safety. The COVID-19 vaccines have underscored the importance of pharmacovigilance, with greater public attention on safety monitoring reporting systems.

The pharmacovigilance industry is experiencing rapid changes, particularly with the incorporation of new digital tools and technological innovations. This includes automation and AI, which are gearing up to replace manual processes. There is also a growing trend towards unification of safety applications, including reporting, submission gateways as well as pharmacovigilance content and safety data management. Streamlining pharmacovigilance workflows and offering better visibility and traceability of safety data can be fostered through modern solutions such as cloud technologies, which allow secure access to data from anywhere and anytime.

With the landscape in pharmacovigilance going digital, there are important considerations and pathways to help ensure success.

Follow our pharmacovigilance webinars to learn from industry experts about the transformations in pharmacovigilance, and how companies can navigate the evolving new systems and regulations.

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