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With only about one in 1,000 drugs progressing from preclinical testing to human testing, there is a great focus on developing robust preclinical models to help improve this statistic. Preclinical research involves the testing necessary to assess the safety of a drug product before it can enter clinical trials in human patients. Determining endpoints in preclinical toxicology studies is key to generating robust data for subsequent clinical studies. Learn about the latest in preclinical testing approaches and models through our preclinical webinars.

While toxicity testing has historically been performed in vivo in animal models, in vitro systems are now increasingly being used. Topics for our preclinical webinars include best practices for PK/PD studies, ADME testing and the development of humanized animal models and xenografts.

The use of preclinical models is also critical to disease research and drug discovery, allowing for the elucidation of disease pathways and druggable targets. The models can enable the identification of new drug targets through high throughput screening approaches. This can allow for the optimization of drugs to both new and existing molecular targets. Register for our on-demand and live preclinical webinars for more on these topics and more.

Preclinical testing has progressed well beyond just testing drugs on cells in a dish. Cutting-edge technologies are allowing for the development of intricate and complex disease-relevant preclinical models that better recapitulate human systems. These include humanized animal models, organoid systems, patient-derived xenografts (PDX) and 3D cell cultures based on patient-derived tissue. These newer models can be used to test drugs with potentially greater reliability and translatability to clinical settings. Our preclinical webinars continue to feature new and improved approaches in preclinical models and drug testing.

Xtalks continues to bring audiences the latest in preclinical development through preclinical webinars that feature a wide range of topics, including the latest models being used in research areas including cardiovascular research, COVID-19, the microbiome in cancer and inflammation, immunotherapies, lupus, rare diseases and more. Register for our preclinical webinars to obtain the latest insights into preclinical models and preclinical testing considerations from industry and academic experts.

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