Unleashing the Power of Play in a Child Centered Approach to Enhance Patient Experience

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  • Friday, September 15, 2023

Seventy five percent of children and their parents suffer from anxiety about coming to the hospital, with neurodiverse children being twice as likely to experience this anxiety and worse health outcomes. With ever-increasing channels of communication available, the pediatric patient’s voice is still commonly unheard. On average, clinicians only have six minutes with families before a procedure, with half of this time being spent on gaining consent, and the other half on building rapport with the family.

The Little Journey is on a mission to support all children to better health through a child-centered approach and personalized care. Each child is unique, with different needs, concerns and ways of thinking. In addition, the profound impact that a child’s experience of care has on their long-term health behaviors is recognized; as every child’s healthcare journey should be tailored to their individual needs and the support provided unique to them.


As part of the LEGO Foundation: Play for All accelerator, Little Journey has spent the last year working to enhance its support for neurodiverse children and their families through the use of learning through play and design for all principles. Working alongside the National Association of Special Educational Needs and an array of subject matter experts, Little Journey has created new approaches to co-creation and co-design with families to ensure the neurodiverse child’s voice is heard.

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Join the subject matter experts on how to unleash the power of play in healthcare and how the connection between families and healthcare can be enhanced, especially for neurodiverse children. Discover how “A Little About Me” was created to leap beyond the typical medical history by focusing on the holistic well-being of the child and their unique needs. By ensuring the child’s voice is heard, the featured speakers aim to unlock a true child-centred approach to care that enhances the patient experience, generates loyal customers and ultimately positively influences long-term health behavior.

Together, let’s shape a healthcare environment that not only meets medical needs but also nurtures lasting relationships based on play, trust and personalized care. Register for this webinar to get insights into improving children’s and the parent’s/caregivers’ experience of care and enhancing communication.


Dr. Chris Evans, Little Journey

Dr. Chris Evans, CEO & Co-Founder, Little Journey

Founder and CEO at Little Journey Ltd, NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow and NHS Innovation Accelerator Fellow. His company’s aim is to deliver personalized end-to-end psychological preparation and support to families visiting hospital for a procedure, from the comfort and safety of their own home. Little Journey is currently working with the LEGO foundation to create a playful, co-designed solution that will enable healthcare organizations to learn about the needs, preferences and health behaviors of children before they come to hospital. By background, Chris is an anaesthetic doctor and expert in children’s peri-operative anxiety, currently completing a PhD at UCL exploring the impact of design, technology and innovation on children’s anxiety before surgery.

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Maureen Dunne, Board Director and YPO Member

Maureen Dunne, Keynote Speaker, Neurodiversity & Inclusion Expert, NSF Fellow, Women 2.0 Founder to Watch, Kauffman Fellow, Social Enterprise Execution, Board Director and YPO Member

As a member of the neurodiversity community, Maureen Dunne is a frequent media commentator and contributor on neurodiversity and the future of work. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, MIT Sloan Management Review, Chicago Tribune, DiversityQ, Salon, New York Times, People Management magazine, USA Today, Inside Higher Ed, Unleash and Newsweek. A keynote speaker at Stanford University and the National Science Foundation, she was also a featured speaker at The Atlantic Festival where Neurodiversity was included as part of its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion theme for the first time in history.

A successful entrepreneur and business leader, Maureen is the CEO of Nodi.ai and a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization, an invite-only organization for the world’s top chief executives. At LEGO, Maureen helped launch a Social Impact Accelerator Fund to support innovation and entrepreneurship in neurodiversity.

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Rachel Callander, Super Power Baby Project and Super Power Kids

Rachel Callander, Keynote Speaker, Artist & Author of Super Power Baby Project and Super Power Kids

Rachel’s exceptional books celebrate the lives and abilities of children with a range of disabilities and conditions and have been inspired by Rachel’s late daughter Evie, who was born with a very rare chromosomal condition. In the two and a half years of Evie’s life, Rachel learned a lot about the use of language in the health system and has spent the subsequent years continuing to explore the impact and implications of how it is used — to positive and negative effects. Our language shapes our landscape. The words we speak influence the behavior, attitudes and beliefs of ourselves and others. Within high-stakes contexts, such as the sharing of difficult information, our words carry an enormous emotional weight. They can alienate and add trauma, or they can honor and empower.

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Dr. Thomas Leth Frandsen, Mary Elizabeth's Hospital

Dr. Thomas Leth Frandsen, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Project Officer, Mary Elizabeth's Hospital

At Mary Elizabeth’s Hospital, we are focusing on integrating play into the building, the environment, the organizational culture and the workflows and research as we are working with a holistic view of the patient. User needs and user involvement have been the emphasis of the project from the beginning. Patients and staff in children’s hospitals around the world, already use play actively during procedures, treatment, patient education and through adaptation processes. How can this be more systematic and integrated in the daily life at the hospital?

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Jamie Galpin, Special Networks

Jamie Galpin, Developmental Psychologist and Specialist Consultant, Special Networks

Jamie Galpin is a founding member of Special Networks and a chartered Developmental Psychologist. He has spent the past 20+ years working in the fields of inclusion, psychology, innovation, participation and learning, with a focus on empowering children and young people. Jamie’s professional background spans roles in play work, family support, lecturing, teaching, training, strategy, policy work and international consultancy. To date, Jamie’s career has seen him partner with a wide array of institutions, from charities and government bodies to global corporations. Each of these experiences has allowed him to work with people and places to design and then lead complex programs that aim to combat social disparities and inequitable design and practice, driving tangible changes in these critical areas.

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Dorthe Feveile Kjerkegaard, The LEGO Foundation

Dorthe Feveile Kjerkegaard, Experienced Specialist and Project Lead, The LEGO Foundation

Dorthe is a Research Specialist at The LEGO Foundation and is part of a Research Team and a Play and Health Team, investigating the impact of children ìs play and how children experience the benefits of learning through play allow them to thrive or have agency, so that they become creative, engaged and life-long learners. She is focusing on how play can equip the child facing health related challenges to build a 1) sense of security, 2) trust, 3) self-confidence, 4) self-esteem and 5) resilience / agency, so that they can thrive and better cope with the negative consequences of their conditions and stimulate healthy development throughout their life. The Research Team is reflecting on how Learning through Play can benefit the child’s healthy development by collaborating with international research partners to set an international research agenda and integrate the research into the work with international NGO’s, corporates, and public partners.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Clinicians
  • Pediatric Specialists
  • Healthcare Specialists
  • Child Life Specialists
  • CEOs of Hospitals
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Innovation Specialists

What You Will Learn

The attendees will gain insights into:

  • How Copenhagen’s new Mary Elizabeth Hospital transformed the mindset of their clinical workforce through ground-breaking play-focussed environments for families
  • The importance of embracing the neurodivergent population through design for all and co-creation
  • The future of play within healthcare, providing free play and agency opportunities for children and families
  • The power of personalized care that goes beyond medical necessities, taking into account a child’s interests, abilities, personality and preferences
  • Why healthcare providers should listen to the child patient’s voice, using the universal language of play
  • How the “A Little About Me” feature within the Little Journey app was created

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Little Journey

Little Journey is a digital eSupport platform that psychologically prepares, informs and supports children and families before, during and after healthcare procedures, all from the comfort and safety of their own home. Designed to reduce healthcare-induced anxiety, the Little Journey platform has been co-created with children, families and healthcare staff to provide end-to-end support throughout each hospital journey. The Little Journey smartphone app delivers interactive and engaging content tailored to a child’s age, procedure type and hospital. An accompanying Little Journey web portal, accessed by healthcare staff, enables organizations to configure the app content, building virtual patient pathways and editing key information in near real time.

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