FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) and the Role of Automation

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  • Wednesday, January 18, 2017

During this webinar you will hear how AutoCoding Systems is helping food and beverage manufacturers meet FSMA requirements by implementing an automated code assurance and packaging verification system.

The US Food and Drug Administration’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law January 4, 2011 and enables the FDA to better protect public health by strengthening the food safety system. This is achieved by focussing more on preventing food safety problems rather than reacting to problems after they occur.

AutoCoding Systems provides an automated solution for code assurance and packaging verification which helps food and beverage manufacturers avoid product recalls caused by coding errors, mislabelling or the use of incorrect packaging. This webinar will explain how we can assist manufacturers mitigate against specific food safety risks in line with FSMA guidelines relating to preventive rather than corrective action.

Undeclared allergens have consistently been a top trend for USDA and FDA recalls for the past several years. An article written by a number of FDA professionals (Steven M Gendel, PhD, Jianmei Zhu, PhD, Nichole Nolan, MPH and Kathy Gombas) and posted in the online edition of Food Safety Magazine (April/May 2014) cited two key reasons for the rise in this type of product recall:

  1. An increase in labeling errors caused by the use of incorrect, outdated or damaged data files in computerized on-site label printing systems
  2. The use of the wrong packaging, particularly where products with different allergens had very similar packaging

Food manufacturers are now required to establish and implement a food safety system that includes an analysis of the existing hazards and plans for new risk-based preventive controls for their operations. AutoCoding Systems can eliminate both of the above key elements for product recalls:1. By obtaining the product data from a reliable source, such as the ERP system

  1. By obtaining the product data from a reliable source, such as the ERP system
  2. By using 1D and 2D online barcode scanners to continually inspect the packaging

AutoCoding Systems are global specialists in factory automation solutions, centred on the packaging line area of the factory. AutoCoding’s code assurance and packaging verification system is already installed on over 750 packaging lines worldwide ensuring food and beverage manufacturers avoid the risks associated with incorrect coding, labeling or packaging.

Our solutions have been developed to effectively manage the automatic deployment of coding data and the checking of packaging before products leave the factory. This maximizes the opportunity for manufacturers to get things “right first time”, significantly reducing the risk of errors. By catching mistakes at source (deemed as preventive action, a requirement of the FSMA) corrective action involving the recall of mislabeled or incorrectly packaged goods can be avoided.

Aside from meeting the requirements of the FSMA, there are, of course, additional benefits to be gained from automatically setting up your packaging line equipment and in-line checking of your packaging.

During the webinar we will highlight some of these benefits which could considerably improve the efficiency of your packaging lines and thereby increase your overall throughput. You will hear how you can achieve end-to-end control of your packaging process, with no requirement to change your existing equipment, how you can set up multiple devices with the minimal amount of human intervention and how you can control multiple devices across many lines from one central point.

Viewers will not only learn more about how AutoCoding Systems can help you meet some of the requirements of FSMA, but also how to improve the efficiency, reliability and accuracy of packaging lines.


Erik Phillips, US Director of Sales & Business Development, AutoCoding Systems

Erik Phillips has over 25 years of work history in Industrial Manufacturing filling a variety of positions that include Nestlé as a Capital Project Engineer, Apex Manufacturing Solutions as a System Integrator, and Wonderware PacWest as a Senior Account Executive. This broad experience has helped Erik become a knowledgeable and trusted advisor with customers and partners alike. Erik is experienced in project management as well as the practical application of automation control hardware, software, systems, team management, and continuous improvement practices.

Erik works to help customers improve their businesses through productivity and performance improvements by leveraging advanced automation techniques for both PLC, HMI, and Manufacturing Execution Systems. He is an experienced Sales Engineer which is a hybrid of sales and engineering that exists in industrial and commercial markets.

As part of the global AutoCoding Systems’ team, Erik helps food manufacturing customers eliminate the risk of packaging and coding errors by introducing them to the AutoCoding suite of modular software products. Whether they require code assurance, packaging verification, data collection or device and system integration, AutoCoding Systems has a solution to meet specific requirements, ensuring food supplies are safe by being correctly packaged, coded, and labeled.

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Charles Breen, Independent Advisor, FSMA Consulting Services for EAS Consulting Group

Charles Breen came to EAS Consulting Group after a distinguished career at the FDA working in areas such as HACCP and LACF and BSE prohibited materials in dairy feed as well as the highly successful first domestic US follow up to BSE positive cow.

Mr. Breen has worked with the industry on compliance issues related to the Bioterrorism Act of 2003 and led field and HQ professionals in developing and implementing surveillance and compliance programs, and initial FSMA training implementation. His attention to detail has garnered him an FDA Award of Merit, Outstanding Achievement and five Commissioner Special Citations.

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Sam Vail, US Director of Operations, AutoCoding Systems

Sam Vail has over 20 years of working history in Industrial Manufacturing filling a variety of positions which include Operations and Information Technology for Nestle, and as a Chief Strategy officer at Apex Manufacturing Solutions. During this time Sam has had the opportunity to not only manage teams, but also capital and expense budgets, as well as manage many different projects across various disciplines within System Integration. His experience in a huge variety of technologies concerning plant floor automation, GUI/HMI visualization, and MES/ERP business systems makes him the perfect resource to lead the US AutoCoding Systems team.

Sam joins the AutoCoding Systems business from Apex Manufacturing Solutions where he spent almost 7 years working with process and manufacturing companies addressing the challenges of improving production throughput, reducing waste, and increasing uptime. He has extensive experience in Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Control Solutions, as well as process automation, integration and industrial performance measurement.

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AutoCoding Systems

AutoCoding Systems is a global specialist in Code Assurance and Packaging Verification. It provides a food safety solution by delivering a suite of modular software products that helps customers eliminate the risk of coding and packaging errors which may lead to emergency product recalls.

AutoCoding Systems originated in the UK and has been in operation since 2005. It now has over 750 packaging line installations in food and beverage factories throughout the UK, Ireland, US and Australia.

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