How to Ensure GFSI and FSMA Audit Success in Food Manufacturing

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  • Wednesday, June 27, 2018

As regulations continually evolve, an enormous amount of pressure is put on food processing facilities to remain compliant. Thorough documentation is a necessity in order to comply with third-party auditors and even internal quality programs. However, many facilities still rely on manual records to manage and make sense of their programs. The result is oftentimes a struggle to find the right documents when you need it and, in some cases, even losing important documentation.

As data has transformed the way companies make critical decisions, businesses should be looking to their vendors to provide them with useful data. That applies to pest control too. The benefit of partnering with a vendor that offers a robust online pest data management system is to automatically log pest control visits and have the results available in real time, providing a permanent, time-stamped record that can make your audit experience much more seamless.


Chad Gore, Ph.D., Entomologist, Market Technical Director, Rentokil North America

Chad has an M.Sc. degree from California University of Pennsylvania where he worked on the biocontrol of gypsy moths in PA and OH as well as the biological control of fungal phytopathogens. Chad received his Ph.D. in Entomology from NC State University in 2004; following graduation he remained at NCSU as a Postdoctoral Research Associate, where he worked on the physiological and molecular biology of German cockroach allergens, cockroach and allergen mitigation tactics in infested homes, and cockroach control in animal rearing facilities. Chad is currently an Entomologist and Market Technical Director with Rentokil North America. He leads a team of Technical Services Managers with duties that include the development and continuous education of service technicians and managers, pest identifications, technical assistance during challenging pest problems, and development & delivery of training seminars and workshops. Chad also serves as the Technical Advisor to the Pennsylvania Pest Management Association.

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John Kukoly, Americas Director, BRC Global Standards

John is a senior member of the BRC Global Standards team, responsible for the BRC programs throughout the Americas. The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and the BRC Global Standards are regarded around the world as the leading food safety and quality certification program. With over twenty years’ management experience in the food production and certification industry, with roles in production, quality, engineering, and auditing, John brings a wealth of experience and expertise to BRC and the GFSI technical working groups.

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Who Should Attend?

Professionals involved in the manufacturing, processing, shipping, storage and handling of food.

Relevant functions include Managers/Directors of:

  • Operations
  • Plant
  • Production
  • Safety
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Quality Control (QC)
  • Quality Deployment
  • Continuous Improvement

What You Will Learn

  • Regulatory overview: How regulations are becoming stricter
  • Challenges with manual records and the digitalization as a way to ensure audit success
  • How data has transformed the way companies conduct business
  • Why businesses should look to their vendors to provide useful data
  • Importance of having digital transparency of commercial pest control program’s results

Xtalks Partner

Rentokil Steritech

Rentokil is the largest commercial pest control company in the world. Rentokil Steritech, the North American national brand, and its regional brands, J.C. Ehrlich, Western Exterminator, and Presto-X, provide commercial and residential pest control to customers in the U.S. and Canada through expertly trained teams of Specialists.

Rentokil Steritech specialists are food industry experts and often help companies create a pest control program in food industry businesses that will help remove pest infestations, spot pest problems and offer solutions and prevent future pest infestations. Our goal is food safety pest control to get rid of food pests and prevent them from returning.

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