Next Generation Biomarkers. A Journey of Multiomic Translational Science from Discovery to Companion Diagnostics

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  • Thursday, June 24, 2021

With the emergence of new biological insights through mulit-omics technologies and the development of new therapeutic concepts such as immuno-oncology, the complexity and utility of biomarkers has dramatically increased over the last decade. At the same time, our data mining and AI capabilities have opened massive opportunities from biomarker discovery to companion diagnostic commercialization. On the other hand, the ever-increasing amount of data and complexity presents new challenges in biomarker development: from Discovery, Validation, and Regulatory Approval. To improve the probability of success and speed to market, an integrated approach is required. Access to patients and biospecimens, adherence to quality systems, understanding of the regulatory landscape, clinical feasibility considerations, and market access capabilities are critical to success.

Register for this, the first of three webinars in a series, to get an overview on how Medicover Integrated Clinical Services is structured to assist you in your biomarker and companion diagnostic efforts in all stages – from discovery to commercialization.



Dr. Martin Seifert, Head of Precision Medicine, Medicover Integrated Clinical Services Precision Medicine

Martin Seifert is a life science professional with more than 20 years of experience in molecular high-throughput technologies, bioinformatics and precision medicine. Martin obtained his Ph.D. in biology from the TU Munich for the development of analytical procedures for environmental hormones.

During his academic career, the development and application of molecular high throughput technologies and strategies for data analysis played an important role. In 2004, Martin joined the Munich-based bioinformatics company Genomatix as the VP of business development, and in 2009 he became the Managing Director.

In 2016, he founded Connexome Consulting, advising biotechnology, pharma and health care companies. Since 2021, he has been the Head of Precision Medicine at Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS). Martin has authored/co-authored more than 50 peer-reviewed scientific publications, including the first human transcriptome analysis based on NGS, and he has obtained several national and international awards. Multi-scalar analyses integrating clinical data with genomics, epigenomics and gene expression within the field of biomarker discovery and precision medicine are special areas of interest.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Biopharma discovery and early phase
  • Academic research groups
  • Diagnostics developers
  • Contract research organization focused on European Union CDx commercialization

What You Will Learn

This webinar will focus on:

  • The application of our technology platforms and analytics to identify suitable biomarker targets
  • Experimental design considerations for biomarker hypothesis generation, testing and validation
  • Data analytics and applications for machine learning and artificial intelligence

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Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS)

Medicover Integrated Clinical Services (MICS) is a specialised business unit within Medicover Diagnostic Services division with the overarching objective to help bring innovative therapies and diagnostics to the market. MICS is focusing on clinical applications and clients from pharmaceuticals, diagnostics biopharma, biotech, contract research organisations (CROs), biobanks, including laboratories with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, medical clinics and hospitals, as well as the vast expertise and enthusiasm of a workforce that has grown to more than 20,000 professionals.

MICS’ services include and are organised along discrete lines of activity, including: Central Lab Services, Biospecimen Management, Patient Recruitment, Management and Data, and Precision Medicine.

MICS Precision Medicine (MICS-PM) is your outsourcing partner and advanced genomic service provider for demanding projects, with a focus on Biomarker Discovery, Metagenomics, Biodistribution and Pharmacogenetics. We offer complete solutions to our customers from pharma, diagnostics, biotech and academia according to your project requirements.

At MICS-PM, we believe that quality and quality management are a prerequisite for delivering outstanding services to companies acting in an ever more regulated environment. We ensure that you can make confident decisions based on your data by providing a comprehensive quality management system including method validation, SOPs, quality controls and quality assurance. Furthermore, MICS-PM provides comprehensive GxP-ready analytical plans and reports to ensure that you will have no difficulty demonstrating excellent documentation towards the relevant agencies. This makes us a valuable partner for conducting your pre-clinical and clinical studies.

Experience, motivation and a strong background in molecular genetics and medical diagnostics lie at the heart of our high-quality services. At MICS-PM, we combine state-of-the-art technologies with complex data analysis to deliver meaningful results in an easy-to-understand format. Our clients regularly attest to the MICS-PM teams maximum flexibility, strong focus on performance, as well as outstanding reporting.

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