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Drug Discovery & Development

Our drug discovery & development webinars category covers a broad range of topics from the most preliminary stages of R&D all the way through to clinical trials. Whether you’re involved in the early drug discovery or later drug development phases of research, you’ll find events in this category that will help to solve process issues and improve your efficiency.

Since the aim of drug discovery is to identify promising candidate compounds, it’s important to explore multiple strategies to optimize this process. Our collection of webinars included topics on creating screening libraries and hit-to-lead optimization strategies for more efficient drug discovery programs.

Of course, it’s also imperative that drug targets are properly validated, which is why we have webinars on some of the latest ways to accomplish this, like using CRISPR/Cas9.

Formulation challenges are another major topic of our drug discovery & development webinars, with topics on improving solubility, excipient selection and even developing combination devices that include both a drug or biologic and a medical device for administration.

There are so many steps that must be completed before an investigational new drug ever enters first-in-man clinical trials. PK/PD modeling is essential for deeper understanding of the drug’s pharmacological properties, and toxicology testing, usually performed in animal models or in vitro cell cultures, ensures a certain level of safety.

Finally, the often three-phase process of human clinical trials is the last step in the drug discovery & development workflow before a therapy may be eligible for regulatory approval. This stage of development introduces a host of challenges, from patient recruitment and retention to drug safety monitoring and protecting the integrity of clinical endpoints.

Whatever part of this process you’re involved in, there’s bound to be a drug discovery & development webinar of interest in the list below.

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