Overcoming the Challenges of Implementing Serialization Across a Diverse Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Environment

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  • Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Why Attend this Webinar:

  • Learn from Guest Speaker Terry Crawford, serialization technical manager at GSK, about his experience and understanding of serialization implementation
  • Understand the implementation challenges companies face, including top tips on how to overcome this challenging and diverse environment
  • See first-hand best practice serialization architectures and how implementation fits into the bigger picture
  • Gain insight from our experience of our 14 steps for best practice deployment
  • Hear a real life customer case study on global deployment
  • Ask our experts any questions you have on serialization deployment


As the EU and US deadlines for serialization loom closer, companies are beginning to wake up to the benefits of track and trace. However, for the average pharmaceutical company, trying to focus on core business, while also keeping track of new regulations and timelines is an almost impossible task even within major markets.


Introduction to Serialization

The speakers will introduce the topic of pharmaceutical serialization and the drivers toward it (including patient safety, supply chain security, financial benefits, efficiencies and standardization).

They will examine how the requirements differ across the globe and why it’s important for pharmaceutical companies to act now. This section will also cover the scope of the serialization market, levels of packaging and how this impacts serialization.

Interview with Industry Expert

Our guest speaker, Terry Crawford, Serialization Technical Manager at GSK, will draw from his experience of creating and implementing a serialization solution and understanding the challenges.

Discussion topics will include:

  • What were the biggest challenges faced prior to implementing serialization?
  • How important was it to find the right serialization partner and what should one look for when selecting a partner?
  • What considerations need to be made regarding deployment and implementation?
  • What is the biggest challenge after the project goes live?
  • How important is education and communication in driving the cultural change across the business?
  • How pivotal is continuous training in the successful operation of serialization across diverse locations?

Best Practice Serialization Architecture

In this section the panel will examine packaging line equipment through to enterprise level (2-4), variability of packaging equipment and the technology behind serialization.

Case Study: 14 Steps Towards Best Practice Deployment

This industry driven presentation will focus on how a pharmaceutical company could design a solution to meet the market requirements and regulations of serialization. It will look at the main areas of design, build, deploy and support with a reference to a real life case study example of global deployment.

The presenters will then take the audience through 14 steps of a best practice serialization solution using their expertise from having implemented serialization across global sites . This will include looking at access and design, build, deployment and support considerations, plus tips and advice for the audience.

Live Q & A on conclusion of the presentation.


Carlos Machado, Serialization Director, US, Zenith Technologies

Carlos joins Zenith Technologies as serialization director – with significant experience of assisting Pharmaceutical manufacturers with track and trace technologies, having worked on more than 75 serialization projects from both an operations and delivery perspective.

Message Presenter

Nick Edwards, Senior Automation Engineer, Zenith Technologies

As senior automation engineer at Zenith Technologies Nick has over 20 years experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry. He has worked on global projects for many of the top 10 Pharmaceutical companies including major serialization projects.

Message Presenter

Matteo Barbieri, Senior Product Manager, Project Manager, SEA Vision

As Senior Product & Project Manager in SEA Vision, Matteo Barbieri has extensive experience in setting up and developing worldwide projects focused on Pharmaceutical Track & Trace.

Message Presenter

Terry Crawford, Serialization Technical Manager, GSK

With over 15 years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical industry and over 10 years’ experience in implementing serialization, Terry is well known in the field as a subject matter expert. He has worked on a variety of serialization solutions projects for many of the Top 10 Pharmaceutical companies globally.

Message Presenter

Who Should Attend?

Senior professionals from pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies involved in Packaging Operations.

Job functions include Managers/Directors of:

  • Operations
  • Compliance
  • Quality Assurance, Quality Control
  • Site
  • Supply Chain
  • Procurement

Xtalks Partners

Zenith Technologies

Zenith Technologies is a leading company delivering manufacturing software systems that enable life science businesses to be compliant and competitive. Working with 9 out of the top 10 Life Science companies globally, their technical strength and experience takes the pain out of project implementation. With 16 offices worldwide Zenith has both local and global site support and knowledge on hand 24/7. Zenith’s first-hand experience of serialization project implementation has enabled them to develop a strong skill set using proven methodologies.

Together Sea Vision and Zenith Technologies are committed in providing leading track and trace solutions and services to Pharmaceutical industries and OEMs, ensuring their flexible and reliable service matches with the highest quality standards they uphold whilst meeting increasingly challenging time scales.

SEA Vision

SEA Vision is a leading serialization technology provider, thanks to its specialist expertise in the Pharmaceutical sector and its understanding of industry regulations, they have more than 3500 lines deployed worldwide. It’s serialization software / product has a proven track record within the Pharmaceutical sector for delivering a robust and reliable system – built and designed on best practice. With minimal training required, its standardized configuration and centralized control means the system is not only easy to use but it’s the perfect choice for your serialization requirements. It provides a flexible and scalable architecture allowing a cost effective solution across different facilities with varying complexity.

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