A diagnostic method is not absolute. Its value depends not only on the method used itself, but, to a large extent, on the context in which the diagnostic method is being used. This webinar explores the conditional nature of diagnostics with an emphasis on companion diagnostics. Companion diagnostics are particularly complex in their dependency on context; it is important not to underestimate the power of conditional probabilities. A companion diagnostic leads not only to a diagnosis, it may also lead directly to a treatment outcome.

Correctness of diagnosis and treatment outcomes are not absolute either. They occur with certain probabilities, which also depend on context. By examining a tree of conditional probabilities, this webinar explores the various dependencies, intricacies and pitfalls in a world where nothing is 100% certain, and how it is possible to draw the right conclusions in the face of uncertainty.


Dr. Stephan de la Motte, Chief Medical Advisor, SynteractHCR

Dr. Stephan de la Motte is chief medical advisor for SynteractHCR, an international contract research organization guiding biopharma companies, for more than two decades, in all phases of clinical development. As chief medical officer, Dr. de la Motte plays a strategic role in the success of clinical trials. With nearly 30 years of experience, Dr. de la Motte is renowned for his scientific and medical expertise as well as clinical trial knowledge and guidance of phase I, II and III studies.

Over the course of his career, he has served as coordinating investigator for six clinical trials, as principal investigator for 60 trials and as investigator for more than 80 trials. His impressive contributions include delivering 33 scientific presentations at medical congresses and being featured in 22 peer-reviewed journals. Dr. de la Motte’s therapeutic experience includes general medicine, clinical pharmacology, pharmacology and toxicology, anesthesia, internal medicine, psychiatry, neurosurgery, neurophysiology and military medicine. He recently completed a white paper titled “Orphan Indications and Clinical Trials: Why Rare Diseases Warrant Special Treatment,” explaining the unique characteristics of clinical trials in rare diseases and orphan treatments. In 2014 Dr. de la Motte was named to the PharmaVoice 100, an annual list of the most inspiring thought leaders and innovators in the life sciences industry, as identified by PharmaVoice magazine.

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Who Should Attend?

Clinical research professionals in pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies who are focused on the accurate outcomes of clinical trials.

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SynteractHCR is a full-service contract research organization with a successful two-decade track record supporting biotechnology, medical device and Pharmaceutical companies in all phases of clinical development. SynteractHCR has conducted Phase I-IV studies on six continents and 60 countries, offering expertise across multiple therapeutic areas, with notable depth in oncology, CNS, infectious disease, endocrinology, cardiovascular and respiratory, among other indications. With its “Shared Work – Shared Vision” philosophy and ICD+ approach, SynteractHCR provides customized services collaboratively and cost effectively, ensuring on-time delivery of quality data so clients get to decision points faster.

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