Smart Manufacturing with Artificial Intelligence: A Digital Twin Strategy for Accelerated Innovation and Industrial Scale-up

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  • Monday, May 10, 2021

The global pandemic is placing enormous pressure on biologics manufacturers to produce more while maintaining high-quality products. This requires deep process understanding and control. Traditionally, biotech processes are investigated by checking individual key parameters one-by-one, which inhibits efficiency and reduces the real vision of how the system interacts.

The reality of bioprocessing is complex, and the interactions between factors are continuous and unpredictable, especially when working with biologics. The best and only way to understand and predict biosystems for transformative value is through the application of multivariate analyses using artificial intelligence (AI).

Aizon is leading the change in increasing the power of digital twins, based on industrialized AI within a GxP-compliant digital environment, to help make deep processing and control with GxP as easy and seamless as possible.

Register for this webinar to hear experts from Aizon discuss how AI/ML-powered digital twins can serve seamlessly and transparently across process development, technical transfer and manufacturing to reproduce the exact conditions happening in the physical asset.


Toni Manzano,, Bigfinite

Toni Manzano, PhD, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder, Aizon

Toni Manzano is a co-founder and CSO of Aizon, a SaaS company that is transforming manufacturing operations with the use of AI and industrial internet of things (IIoT) technologies for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. For over two decades, Manzano has led software projects for international pharmaceutical companies, covering the entire production process and supply chain.

Today, Manzano is part of the scientific committee with PDA Europe and with the AI Xavier Manufacturing team. He worked as a researcher at the University of Barcelona as a physicist and teaches big data and artificial intelligence in postgraduate courses at UAB. He is also a member of the Science Experts in the Spanish Parliament on big data and artificial intelligence. Manzano has written numerous articles and holds a dozen international patents related to the encryption, transmission, storage and processing of large volumes of data for regulated environments in the cloud.

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Luiza Mukaeda, Aizon

Luiza Mukaeda, Solution Engineer and Industry Expert, Aizon

Luiza Mukaeda is an engineer and MBA who is excited about the powerful innovative approaches to achieve agile problem solving, especially in the Manufacturing environment. Luiza has a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering by the University of São Paulo, and a Master of Business Administration by the Herriot-Watt University, in Scotland.

After kicking off her career in the Oil & Gas industry, Luiza has discovered her passion to contribute to the mission of delivering life-saving products as part of the Pharmaceutical industry. She spent several years in the industry and collaborated on positions like Process Engineering, Project Manager, and Engineering Manager.

In 2020, Luiza joined Aizon to continue driving her passion from a different perspective. She is here to empower our vision on supporting customers to find the best opportunities towards business value, so their mission is secured.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar is relevant to an audience of leaders and innovators, working in roles related to:

  • Pharma and CDMO Manufacturing and Operations
  • Quality
  • Data Science
  • Process Engineering
  • Digital Transformation/IT
  • Pharma 4.0 initiatives

Professionals with the following job titles and responsibilities will benefit from this webinar:

  • Management of Pharma Manufacturing
  • Digital Transformation Officers
  • Leaders of Pharma 4.0 Initiatives
  • Bioprocessing Line of Business Leads
  • Quality Assurance Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Process Experts
  • Technical Transfer Leads
  • CIO, Chief Data Officers

What You Will Learn

In this webinar, panelists will discuss:

  • The value in creating digital twins optimized for the holistic process for pharma and biotech manufacturing
  • The main points to keep in mind when creating a digital twin for predictive insights
  • How to ensure your efforts on developing digital twins are aligned with the successful implementation of future challenges like CPV, Continuous Manufacturing, and others

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Aizon is an AI software provider that transforms manufacturing operations with the use of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and other smart factory technologies focused on optimizing production within highly regulated industries. The Aizon AI platform seamlessly integrates unlimited sources of structured and unstructured data to deliver actionable insights across all manufacturing sites. Aizon offers an intuitive way to gain meaningful operational intelligence by enabling real-time visibility and predictive insights in a GxP compliant manner with end-to-end data integrity. Connect with us at

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