2023 Food IPOs So Far + Why the EU is So Strict About Canola Oil – Xtalks Food Podcast Ep. 129

2023 Food IPOs So Far + Why the EU is So Strict About Canola Oil – Xtalks Food Podcast Ep. 129

2023 Food IPOs So Far + Why the EU is So Strict About Canola Oil

Recent initial public offerings (IPOs) from food companies such as Cava Group and BranchOut Food might give the impression of a reawakening IPO market after a seemingly quiet year. In this episode of the Xtalks Food Podcast, Sydney talks about three food companies that have already gone public this year, including Cava Group, BranchOut Foods and Instacart. First, the Mediterranean fast casual chain Cava Group achieved a notable $4.7 billion valuation after a successful market introduction on June 15. Second, BranchOut Food Inc., a budding natural food brand with a proprietary technology for producing and marketing dehydrated plant-based foods, finalized its IPO in June. Lastly, in its Nasdaq introduction earlier this week, Instacart made a notable entrance, initiating trading at roughly 40 percent above its IPO price, nudging its market cap to approximately $11.1 billion. The team discusses the diversity of these food companies and wonders about the risks and rewards of going public versus staying private.

Also in this episode, Sydney talks about whether canola oil is banned in Europe since there’s been a flurry of questions circulating about the topic. While Europe has not completely prohibited canola oil, it has certainly placed the oil under a microscope, enacting stricter regulations around the sale of oils and fats, which impacts how canola oil is viewed and sold. Sydney discusses canola oil’s origins as well as rumors of a European canola oil ban. The word on the street was that the European Union (EU) had labeled canola oil as “toxic” and “carcinogenic” due to its allegedly hazardous fatty acid content. The EU’s heightened scrutiny of canola oil is largely due to concerns about its erucic acid content. Research has shown the potentially detrimental effects of erucic acid, including possible heart damage. So, while it isn’t outright banned, it’s closely monitored due to concerns around its erucic acid content. The team is surprised to hear about the potential negative side effects of canola oil and praises the EU for being a leader in food safety.

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