4 Reasons to Attend the Upcoming 18th Annual Canadian Summit on Food Safety

4 Reasons to Attend the Upcoming 18th Annual Canadian Summit on Food Safety

From learning about the latest regulatory changes to engaging with top experts and exploring new technologies, the Canadian Summit on Food Safety offers invaluable resources for anyone committed to enhancing food safety and quality. Photo courtesy of the Canadian Summit on Food Safety.

The 18th Annual Canadian Summit on Food Safety, happening on Wednesday, April 24, and Thursday, April 25, is an unrivaled platform for exploring the latest trends and innovations in food safety. This year’s summit promises to be an essential event for anyone involved in food safety and quality assurance. 

It offers opportunities to update regulatory understanding, network with industry leaders and learn about cutting-edge technologies and methods. One of this year’s speakers, David Hatch, vice president of digital solutions marketing at Neogen Corporation, told Xtalks, “The annual Canadian Summit on Food Safety provides a unique opportunity for food safety professionals to gather and learn from peers about new innovations and approaches to addressing the industry’s most pressing challenges.”

Another distinguished speaker, Tanguy Etoga, founder and CEO of NORMEX, said, “I’m thrilled to attend the 18th Annual Canadian Food Safety Summit to share innovative ways technology can streamline and enhance food safety management, highlighting cutting-edge solutions that boost efficiency and compliance!”

Read on to learn about four compelling reasons to attend the event, as well as an exclusive discount code for 20 percent off the event.

1. Engage with Leading Experts and Innovators

The Canadian Summit on Food Safety serves as a critical nexus for food safety professionals to engage directly with pioneers and thought leaders across the food industry. This year’s lineup of speakers includes renowned experts such as Martin Duplessis from Health Canada, Lauren Cozens of The Kraft Heinz Company and John Spink of the Food Fraud Prevention Think Tank at Michigan State University. 

Another prominent speaker, Chris Bowman, president of Sesotec, told Xtalks in anticipation of the event, “Food safety is of the highest priority for food processors. This is driven by a genuine concern for the well being of the consumer. Food processors also feel the pressure of rising food prices. We are excited to showcase our Integrated Compliance Package which will help food processors address both of these major concerns.”

Attendees will also gain firsthand insights from speakers from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Food Allergy Canada, IBM Food Trust and Celiac Canada, among others, who are at the forefront of food safety and quality assurance.

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Interacting with seasoned experts provides a unique opportunity to benchmark and elevate an organization’s food safety practices. The presence of authorities from McCain Foods, Loblaws, PepsiCo and other prominent companies further enriches the learning environment, allowing attendees to tap into a wealth of practical experience and proven strategies.

2. Master New Regulations and Compliance Techniques

At the heart of the Canadian Summit on Food Safety is a strong emphasis on regulatory compliance and the latest safety protocols. This year’s summit places a significant focus on modernized regulations, including new mandates on front-of-pack labeling and compliance strategies that address an ever-evolving regulatory landscape.

Understanding and implementing new regulations is paramount in maintaining safety standards and protecting public health. The summit offers detailed sessions where attendees can learn from regulatory bodies and industry leaders about navigating these changes effectively and ensuring that their operations remain compliant.

3. Discover and Implement Cutting-Edge Technologies

Adopting new technologies is critical in today’s dynamic food safety environment. The summit showcases advancements in AI and blockchain technology, providing attendees with knowledge on how these tools can enhance traceability and manage risks in the supply chain.

Learning about and implementing state-of-the-art technologies can significantly reduce the risk of food safety incidents and improve response times during crises. Interactive sessions and demonstrations will provide practical insights into integrating these technologies into food safety protocols.

“One of the hottest emerging topics is the advancement of digital capabilities for managing, trending and analyzing food safety testing data and programs,” Hatch added. “We are attending alongside our forward-thinking customers to share our experiences with implementing new technologies, and how this can deliver valuable insights and efficiencies.”

4. Network and Build Valuable Connections

Networking is a cornerstone of the Canadian Summit on Food Safety. The event’s structure fosters an environment of collaboration and peer engagement, making it an ideal venue for building new relationships and strengthening existing ones.

With dedicated networking sessions, roundtables and an event app designed to facilitate meetings, attendees can connect with peers, discuss challenges and share solutions in a collaborative setting. Whether attendees connect in person or virtually, the summit’s platform ensures that all participants have the opportunity to engage meaningfully with industry counterparts.

A Must-Attend Event for Food Safety Professionals

The 18th Annual Canadian Summit on Food Safety is more than just a conference; it is a comprehensive experience that equips food safety professionals with the knowledge, strategies and connections needed to excel in their field. From learning about the latest regulatory changes to engaging with top experts and exploring new technologies, the summit offers invaluable resources for anyone committed to enhancing food safety and quality.

Secure your spot today and join hundreds of other food safety professionals in Toronto at the Marriott Downtown at CF Toronto Eaton Centre for this pivotal event. For more information and to receive 20 percent off the event, register here. Participate in this essential industry summit and help shape the future of food safety. 

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