7 Social Media Tactics to Increase Webinar Registrations

7 Social Media Tactics to Increase Webinar Registrations

Social media is a great way to increase awareness, engagement, and ultimately attendance for your next webinar!

Ever considered the power of social media for growing webinar registrations? With a successful social media strategy, you can expand your reach and raise awareness of your upcoming events. There’s no doubt that using the right social media tactics will increase visibility and draw in more prospective attendees.

Here are six key tactics life science marketers should use to drive increased registration numbers for their webinars. Read on to learn how the power of social media can help expand the success of your next event!

1) Add Social Sharing Buttons on Registration Pages

Adding social sharing buttons to your registration page is a simple and straightforward way of spreading the word about your upcoming webinar. Doing this encourages people who are registering for your webinar to share the webinar page on their own networks.

2) Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to get your content noticed by more people. By using relevant hashtags in your posts, you can target your desired audience and increase the visibility of your posts. Look up popular hashtags related to the topic of your post or use hashtag directories such as Twubs or RiteTag to find relevant hashtags for each post.   You can also use a tool like Hashtagify to analyze the performance of your hashtags and find popular related ones. Make sure you don’t overdo it with the hashtags though, as too many may clutter your post and make it difficult to read. Additionally, keep track of which hashtags are performing well for each platform so you can focus on the most effective ones.

3) Use Visuals In Your Social Posts

Visuals are great for drawing attention to your posts and making them more engaging. Whenever possible, use visuals such as images, videos, or infographics in your social media posts about the webinar. This will help increase engagement levels and ensure that people don’t miss out on important details about your upcoming webinar. For example, create an eye-catching image that ties in with the topic of the webinar and post it on your timeline.  You can also create a short video that explains the benefits of attending your webinar.

4) Create Event Pages on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow users to create virtual events for free. This is a great way to spread the word about your webinar and also let people RSVP if they are interested in attending. Additionally, you can use these event pages to keep attendees updated with important information about the webinar such as time, duration, and other details.

5) Take Advantage of Targeted Advertising

Targeted social media ads are a great way to reach specific audiences and drive more webinar registrations. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter offer audience targeting features that allow you to narrow down your reach and target potential attendees. Target various groups with specific messages that will resonate with them. Ensure that the ad copy is concise and enticing in order to compel people to click to read more.

6) Tagging Speakers and Partners

It’s a great idea to tag your speakers and partners when promoting your webinar. This will make them aware of the upcoming event and potentially increase engagement from their followers as well. Additionally, it can help build relationships between the participants and create a more engaging experience for everyone involved.

7) Analyze the Data

Last but not least, don’t forget to measure the effectiveness of your social media efforts. Keep track of how many people have registered after seeing your posts and which platforms are driving the most interest. This information can help you refine your approach for future webinar production and make sure that your social media efforts are being used as effectively as possible.

Final Thoughts on Social Media Tactics

By using these six tactics, you’ll be able to better harness the power of social media for your webinars. Start promoting early, engage your network in meaningful conversations and take advantage of targeted advertising opportunities. With careful planning, data-driven decision making, and creative content, life science marketers can use social media to their advantage and drive more webinar registrations.

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