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AmazonFresh Joins Forces With Allrecipes For New Shopping Innovation

AmazonFresh Joins Forces With Allrecipes For New Shopping Innovation

AmazonFresh partners with Allrecipes.

The e-commerce giant continues to expand its portfolio of partnerships in the food industry. AmazonFresh has partnered with Allrecipes, the world’s largest digital food brand, to provide users with the ability to add recipe ingredients to their digital shopping cart. In addition to its partnership with Allrecipes, AmazonFresh also partnered with Fexy Media, owners of Serious Eats and other recipe sites, to add buying and delivery through Prime Now. On Friday morning, EatLove, a website that develops personalized weekly meal plans and recipes for consumers, announced a similar partnership with AmazonFresh.

These business moves allow Amazon to tap into the digital grocery landscape from all angles, especially where high-value shoppers find inspiration for recipes and meals.
Allrecipes is the world’s largest digital food brand, with 1.5 billion annual visits and 80 million users worldwide. The website has long incorporated grocery shopping functionality in the site, including geographically targeted grocery offers from stores across the country. The integration of AmazonFresh allows consumers to order the ingredients of a recipe online and have it delivered the same day.

“We are proud to lead the way in food innovation for home cooks and for our brand partners,” said Jon Werther, Meredith National Media Group President. “Millions of busy, family-focused home cooks come to Allrecipes.com every day to discover and plan their meals. Our integration with Amazon will make it easier for millions of home cooks to order all of the ingredients needed for dinner that night or for a weekly meal plan – and have them delivered to their doorstep within hours. We’re providing an unparalleled level of convenience, and making it that much easier to turn the food inspiration our audience sees on Allrecipes into reality.”

Amazon’s partnership with Fexy Media, a website with a collection of digital food and lifestyle brands targeting the millennial market, allows the digital retailer to tap into the demographic that food manufacturers are interested in the most.
EatLove, a website that personalizes shopping lists and meal plans for consumers depending on their health goals and medical conditions, has also incorporated AmazonFresh’s same-day home delivery service. This allows Amazon to be the first option for consumers on the site.

“The collaboration with AmazonFresh is the natural next step for EatLove further simplifying weekly meal planning with online shopping and ordering, all under ten minutes,” says EatLove’s CEO Monique Nadeau.

If these partnerships are successful, it could open the door to further partnerships for the online retailer and Whole Foods. This may be the future of how consumers shop for groceries.