Ambulatory Care Network Expansion by NorthBay Health

Ambulatory Care Network Expansion by NorthBay Health

In addition to primary care clinics, NorthBay plans to develop specialty hubs within a 30-minute reach of every resident.

NorthBay Health recently announced a $250 million investment to create a new ambulatory care network strategy (ANS). This ambitious project aims to improve access to healthcare services in California, addressing the significant shortage of primary care providers.

The California Health Care Foundation highlights that one-third of the state’s population lives in areas with a primary care provider shortage. NorthBay Health’s ANS aims to mitigate this issue by establishing six to ten primary care clinics across California by 2030. This expansion will ensure that every resident is within a 15-minute radius of essential healthcare services.

In addition to primary care clinics, NorthBay plans to develop specialty hubs within a 30-minute reach of every resident. These hubs will offer advanced imaging, pharmacies and laboratories. The goal is to promote health and wellness within the community by making a wide range of services easily accessible.

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Streamlining Patient Care

NorthBay Health’s strategy to expand its ambulatory care network aims to streamline the patient care experience. The introduction of neighborhood clinics is projected to increase primary care visits by over 200,000. This will also reduce the average wait time for primary and specialty care appointments to seven and 14 days, respectively. The focus is on reducing travel and wait times, improving the overall patient experience.

Beyond improving healthcare accessibility, the ANS initiative is expected to rejuvenate the North Bay region’s economy. By 2030, NorthBay anticipates adding 90 specialty providers and 45 new primary care providers. This growth will attract a skilled workforce, further strengthening the region’s economic landscape.

Strategic Partnerships and Community Initiatives

NorthBay Health plans to foster strategic partnerships and community health initiatives as part of its ANS. These efforts will uphold safety and quality standards, ensuring that the healthcare services provided are top-notch.

Mark Behl, CEO of NorthBay Health, said in a press release, “Today marks a new chapter for NorthBay Health as we work towards becoming the healthcare provider of choice for Solano County and the broader North Bay region. We are significantly investing in bringing quality, accessible and convenient primary and outpatient medical services even closer to home.”

Several other healthcare companies have also been expanding their ambulatory care networks in recent years. For instance, Simone Healthcare Development partnered with Catholic Health last year to open a new $47 million ambulatory and urgent care center in Centereach, Long Island. This state-of-the-art facility offers primary care, specialty services and walk-in urgent care, highlighting the growing trend of transforming underutilized retail spaces into medical facilities to meet community needs.

NorthBay Health’s $250 million investment in its ambulatory care network strategy signifies a major step forward in addressing healthcare provider shortages in California. Establishing primary care clinics and specialty hubs will enhance healthcare accessibility and improve patient care experiences. By expanding its workforce and fostering community initiatives, NorthBay Health aims to become the preferred healthcare provider in the North Bay region.

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