Avocados From Mexico: 3 Things to Know About “Avocado Nation”

Avocados From Mexico: 3 Things to Know About “Avocado Nation”

Avocados From Mexico has launched a new interactive platform called “Avocado Nation” that uses personalized AI technology to enhance consumers' interaction with their brand.

Avocados From Mexico, the top-selling brand of avocados in the US, has launched a new multi-area artificial intelligence platform called Avocado Nation. The platform provides avocado fans with a place to access cooking and fitness videos, get fitted for avocado-themed sportswear from Avocados From Mexico and, for the first time, be able to receive rewards for purchasing avocados through their new loyalty program.

The program will use a consumer data platform (CDP) to provide personalized engagement catered to each user. The CDP has an algorithm that offers users predictions and recommendations that they would be most likely to interact with.

“Our AFM devotees have taught us that we feed and fuel so many aspects of consumers lives; Avocado Nation is a prime example of how we’re using AI-technology to predict and meet our consumers’ needs,” said Ivonne Kinser, head of digital marketing and e-commerce at Avocados From Mexico, in a press release. “Avocados have transcended from being a delicious fruit to now being seen as a pop culture icon, and we’re proud to launch content and fresh ways to engage that keep avocados in this well-loved position.”

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As mentioned previously, there are several ways that fans can interact with Avocados From Mexico’s Avocado Nation. The first is through Avocado Nation Studios, which has a compilation of over 70 videos to choose from. The video offerings include series like Avocadoland, a six-episode documentary that explores the orchards in which avocados are grown, to the nutritional benefits of avocados.

Avocado From Mexico ClothingSecond is an Avocado Shopping Network, a massive success as a result of the brand’s 2020 Super Bowl advertisement. The platform provides users with the opportunity to purchase from an avocado-themed sportswear collection.

The clothing line includes six different fitness clothing styles for women applicable for top sports activities such as running, hiking, tennis, golf, cycling and gym-related sporting practices. Additionally, there will be a limited-time collection that is not available for purchase but instead open to those sharing their favorite items via social media channels, providing them with the chance to win parts of this collection.

Avocados From Mexico will also be launching the Avocado Rewards program, a new loyalty program, where avocado consumers can gain reward points with every Avocados From Mexico purchase by submitting their shopping receipts online.

Avocados From Mexico is an example of how a produce company has entered a sphere that engages its consumers and enhances their purchasing habits towards a brand they can interact with. Along with brands such as Google, Dell, Etsy and Nestlé, Avocados from Mexico was rated on Fast Company’s list of 100 best workplaces for innovators in 2020.  

“Since we launched the company seven years ago, we have been committed to doing things differently through innovation that goes beyond the produce aisle,” said Alvaro Luque, CEO of Avocados From Mexico, in a statement on being included in Fast Company’s list. “We’ve taken a single SKU without packaging and created a highly visible brand.”

The launch of the Avocado Nation platform isn’t the first time Avocados From Mexico has taken a unique approach to marketing and consumer engagement. Avocados From Mexico was the first fresh produce company to run an ad during the Super Bowl. They were also the first to introduce a chatbot to educate consumers on avocados and even created an avocado-only restaurant.

These inventive food marketing practices have paid off for Avocados From Mexico. More than 2.5 billion pounds of avocados are consumed in the US yearly. Eight out of 10 avocados are from Mexico. This, in turn, has contributed around $5.5 billion to the US economy in 2017 by importing Mexican Hass avocados.

“Avocado Nation was brought to life through a powerful combination of creativity and technology, something we pride ourselves in at AFM,” said Kinser. “We hope consumers enjoy the platform and get the most out of their purchases of and interactions with Avocados From Mexico.”