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Molly Ringwald Stars in Super Bowl Avocado Ad

Molly Ringwald Stars in Super Bowl Avocado Ad

“The Avocados From Mexico Shopping Network” comes to life in the company’s sixth Big Game ad.

The Big Game is this Sunday. February 2, and companies are getting ready to debut their commercials around game day. One of the companies taking part is Avocados From Mexico. They want to celebrate the national avocado obsession by showing how much consumers truly care about avocados.

The 30-second ad features Golden Globe-nominated actress, singer and author, Molly Ringwald, showcasing Avocados From Mexico in a shopping network segment that shows the versatility, seasonality, and nutritional benefits of avocados. The company hopes this will reinforce to viewers that avocados are always worth it.

“This year’s ad really brings to life how much people value Avocados From Mexico in a way that is entertaining to fans everywhere,” said Alvaro Luque, president of Avocados From Mexico. “The Big Game is one of the greatest avocado consumption days of the year and Avocados From Mexico are always worth having at a Big Game party. We hope fans enjoy some guacamole and chips while watching our Big Game ad.”

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This is their sixth consecutive Super Bowl ad that Avocados From Mexico is showing but this one features Molly Ringwald, who acts as an infomercial host that pampers and gifts her avocados.  The segment is titled “The Avocados From Mexico Shopping Network.”

“When I first heard about this opportunity, not only was I excited because it’s my first Super Bowl ad, but I was thrilled to work with a brand that I am both familiar with and eat on a regular basis,” Ringwald said in a statement.

Avocado Safety
Behind the Scenes of the Avocados From Mexico.

The commercial features products for avocados to protect and pamper them. Some products include a track suit, baby carrier, pool float, matching travel collection and cat seat.

A recent poll reported by Avocados From Mexico find that nearly half of Americans have judged a Big Game party host for not having guacamole present. In fact, according to the Smithsonian, “Per capita consumption of avocados has tripled since the early 2000s, according to the USDA. Yet nearly all of these avocados—some 95 percent in the US and about 80 percent worldwide—are of a single variety: the ubiquitous Hass.”

Various other companies such as Doritos, Pringles and Planters’ Mr.Peanut are amongst those showcasing their brand during the Super Bowl this Sunday. But for Ringwald she has “had so many incredible opportunities and successes throughout [her] career but being in a Big Game ad with Avocados From Mexico is just a whole other level of excitement. I hope people love this funny, entertaining ad as much as I’ve loved filming it.”