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Coca-Cola North America Launches Digital Marketplace This Fall

Coca-Cola North America Launches Digital Marketplace This Fall

These days it’s hard to imagine a food service industry that doesn’t utilize technology to boost sales and better manage inventory. From mobile apps to cashier kiosks, technology is providing the food industry with more efficient services and solutions than ever before, but it’s also an investment that takes time and money to integrate within a business.

However, multi-national beverage giant Coca-Cola North America is hoping to change that thanks to the launch of their new digital marketplace that will assist its food service clients with technological advancements in their restaurants this fall.

The digital marketplace is a result of Coca-Cola’s investment with Omnivore, a universal point of sale (POS) connectivity platform. The two companies have partnered together to allow for an easier and more affordable transition of technology integration within restaurants POS systems.

According to Coca-Cola, the digital platform will help provide its customers with pre-vetted technologies to ensure they are the right fit prior to installation, and through competitive pricing.

The curated marketplace will offer a scope of innovated digital services that cover all aspects of food service. Including, customer engagement front-of-house technologies, like ordering and payment, kiosk and digital menus. As well as back of house technologies such as inventory, labor and analytics, followed by outside-of-house technologies such as online ordering and third-party delivery.

“For 133 years, Coca-Cola has been focused on adding value beyond the beverage for our customers,” said Billy Koehler, Director of Digital & Payment Platforms for National Foodservice & On-Premise Marketing at Coca-Cola North America. “Decades ago, we provided customers with value-adds like Coca-Cola-branded cash registers and static Coca-Cola signage. In the 21st century, combining our expertise in foodservice and digital to offer tangible technology solutions provides the most value for our restaurant partners who always welcome an edge to increase their revenue. The marketplace is just one example of the digital solutions we’ll be rolling out for customers in the months to come.”

Coca-Cola and Omnivore have been partners since 2018 and previously launched a Menu Management Solution (MMS) app earlier this spring, allowing restaurants to own their digital menu content and control their brand across any digital platform.

“Our year-long collaboration with Coca-Cola and select restaurant operators has helped us validate and develop additional digital solutions that contribute to profitable growth for restaurants,” said Shane Wheatland, Chief Marketing Officer at Omnivore. “These solutions align well to consumer needs as well as common barriers experienced by restaurant operators as they digitize and build a competitive advantage for their brand. We look forward to the launch of Coca-Cola’s marketplace, and continuing to foster agile and affordable access to meaningful third-party solutions.”

The digitalization of the foodservice industry gives restaurants a competitive advantage for customer service and shareholder success, food companies like Chipotle led by example when their fourth-quarter earning skyrocketed after they made advancement to digital services and mobile.

As technology continues to provide growth opportunities for retailers, Coca-Cola is working towards building a digital empire and hopes its partnership with Omviore will allow for the company to further connect their foodservice, operators and consumers together through proprietary technologies, and analytics in the years to come.