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Company Donating Girl Scout Cookies to Healthcare Workers

Company Donating Girl Scout Cookies to Healthcare Workers

Arena Analytics has decided to put the two together and help Girl Scout troops and healthcare workers by providing them with tasty, quick-energy treats.

Anticipating a sharp escalation of patients who will be contaminated with COVID-19 and admitted to healthcare facilities in days ahead has placed various pressures on frontline workers. Nurses and doctors recently participated in an Arena Analytics poll, a company that uses artificial intelligence models to solve business problems for medium and large companies, to know more about how the general public could help support them during this difficult time.

As COVID-19 cases increase, everyone’s first priority is to take precautions to stay healthy and minimize the need for healthcare services. Other than this hope that people avoid the hospital unless they need urgent medical care, healthcare workers requested food such as pizza, cookies, donuts and coffee. In other words, they are too busy to make proper meals during late night shifts and would like tasty, quick-energy treats.

Arena wanted to put together possible food options. On the search, they found out that Girl Scout cookies sales to the public have been cancelled as a result of the outbreak. The company decided to put the two together and help Girl Scout troops and healthcare workers.

All Girl Scout offices have been closed except for the Heart of the South in Memphis, TN office, which was able to accept a large cookie order.

Janet Wade, a customer care specialist from Heart of the South, personally delivered the packages to the human resources team at Regional One Health.

Furthermore, Arena found local troop leaders that were able to find hundreds of boxes in people’s homes and garages. Arena purchased, packed and shipped them to contacts at hospitals in every region of the US.

After this, community members began contacting Arena to donate more boxes to support healthcare workers.

Now, Arena is hoping to spread the word and facilitate local drives, donation and deliveries in every state across the nation.

Arena states, “we are grateful to you, healthcare workers of America. Thank you for all you do to keep us healthy in these uncertain times.”