Eli Lilly Jobs to Expand in Indiana with a $2.1 Billion Investment

Eli Lilly Jobs to Expand in Indiana with a $2.1 Billion Investment

Eli Lilly’s new $2.1 billion investment will support their growing pipeline and strengthen the local economy.

Eli Lilly jobs will see another expansion with the investment of $2.1 billion towards the installation of new manufacturing sites at Indiana’s LEAP Lebanon Innovation and Research District in Boone County.

This investment will strengthen Eli Lilly’s manufacturing capacities towards treatments, specifically active ingredients, and genetic medicines. The company previously announced that their novel medicines are on track to become the next generation of treatments for several diseases including diabetes, obesity and more. In their April 2022 press release, they highlighted the promising results of their obesity drug tirzepatide, that showed decrease in food intake and increase in energy expenditure among participants enrolled in the SURMOUNT-1 trial.

The company projects the delivery of four potential medicines by 2024. The manufacturing sites are predicted to meet existing product demands and accelerate the clinical pipeline to meet global patient needs.

With the creation of up to 500 new Eli Lilly jobs — or “Lilly” roles — and four indirect jobs corresponding to each role, the new sites will support the working economy in Indiana. An additional 1500 new construction jobs will support the building of the facilities.

“Lilly has been an anchor in Indiana’s economy for generations, and this announcement means they will continue to be here for generations,” said Indiana governor Eric J. Holcomb about the company’s history in fueling the state with jobs.

Eli Lilly has spearheaded the pharmaceutical manufacturing field in Indiana by continuing to invest in its economy. Prior investments — $2.5 billion over five years in Indianapolis, starting in 2019 — has currently brought over 3700 manufacturing roles to the state. zoning and annexation approval, this new venture in partnership with organizations such as Indiana Economic Development Corporation will continue to add to the company’s pipeline of innovative treatments.

“I am incredibly proud Lilly continues to make exciting investments in Indiana that will better the lives and opportunities of Hoosiers for decades to come,” added the governor.

The company is slated to present a portfolio of drugs from its oncology pipeline —  including Phase I results of first-in-human studies with imlunestrant in patients with estrogen receptor positive and endometrioid endometrial cancer from its EMBER trial — at the 2022 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting.