FDA Approved Product to Help Close Wounds from Home

FDA Approved Product to Help Close Wounds from Home

: New FDA approved product to close your wounds at home, without having to go to the emergency room.

Wound closures can now be effectively treated in a safe and quick manner at home thanks to Clozex Medical innovations. This will reduce the pressures on emergency rooms or urgent care. Ultimately, this also means that effectively treating wounds at home can reduce the risk of spreading diseases, including the current COVID-19 pandemic, keeping medical professionals focused on treating patients.

The easy at-home wound closure treatment is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved product that can reduce the anxiety that comes from a visit to the emergency room and is a proven, cost-effective treatment. In other words, Clozex provides a non-threatening solution for the treatment of cuts and lacerations and they are, most importantly, affordable for everyone.

“Statistics are showing us that as many as 75 percent of ER visits are potentially preventable visits, and the number 3 reason for an ER visit is due to laceration. We, of course, want everyone to use common sense and make good health decisions,” states Clozex President & CEO John Michael Streithorst.

“But this is not a good time to be waiting in an emergency room for urgent care on a wound that can be safely closed at home, using Clozex non-invasive, needleless wound closures. We are especially concerned with the young and elderly.

A parent can sanitize a cut and have a Clozex Medical Closure on their child’s wound in minutes without an anxiety-laden ride and wait for medical attention from already over-burdened staff. An older or compromised person, with thin skin or mobility issues, need not be exposed and put through the discomfort of a crowded waiting room. A small accident in the kitchen, workshop, or with kids at play, can be safely treated in minutes,” said Streithorst.

The product was developed with the input of leading surgeons and was designed to keep the closures simple. The procedure uses a simple pulling motion, and the design of the product allows it to be precisely aligned, keeping the skin edges secure for an aesthetically-pleasing closure.

The product is available over-the-counter and in healthcare facilities across the US. It is also available for purchase on Amazon.com and on Clozex’s website.