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InnoBev Challenges Coffee Trends with New Plant-Based Alertness Drink WakeUp

InnoBev Challenges Coffee Trends with New Plant-Based Alertness Drink WakeUp

WakeUp! energy drinks are caffeine-free and contain natural plant-based ingredients that induce an “awakening effect” in consumers.

Energy-boosting foods and drinks are in high demand, however, a primary ingredient in such formulations is caffeine which is known to have negative effects on health including causing jitters, anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues and addiction. In an effort to tap into the energy drink market , Israeli company InnoBev has developed a non-caffeinated, plant-based alertness drink that they received a US patent for earlier this month.

According to InnoBev, their recently patented WakeUp! beverage contains natural plant-based ingredients that induce an “awakening effect” in consumers. In addition, the plant-based ingredients contain extracts that they claim improve the overall well-being of consumers.

“This Inno-Bev patent approval comes at a time when energy drinks are under renewed scrutiny due to concerns over negative health effects associated with overconsumption, and when major beverage brands are investing huge sums in healthy, science-based beverages,” said Eli Faraggi, founder and CEO of Inno-Bev. “Our internal clock helps regulate sleep patterns, feeding behaviour, hormone release, and blood pressure. WakeUp alertness drink is designed to help consumers balance that internal clock.”

InnoBev’s WakeUp! formulation incorporates functional ingredients such as guarana, ginkgo biloba and elderberry. Their non-caffeinated beverage is also sweetened using a low-glycaemic fruit extract. This drink’s formulation is designed to complement the growing number of health-conscious consumers looking for foods that can energize them throughout their busy day without inducing the common side effects, such as jitters and caffeine withdrawals, associated with drinking coffee or energy drinks. It is currently being marketed as a solution to the “post-lunch dip” that consumers experience after eating lunch on a working day.

After testing the product in four clinical research studies conducted by third-party partners, WakeUp! was found to help balance the body’s circadian rhythm and effectively reduce fatigue in consumers. The beverage formulation recently won “Best Functional Drink” awards in the US and Europe.

“In randomized controlled trials, WakeUp was shown to overcome the post-lunch dip/morning inertia, and improve vigilance, focus, and work performance with no tolerance effect or the side effects, such as those associated with caffeinated beverages and other stimulants,” said science and regulatory specialist Risa Schulman, PhD, following an expert scientific review of Inno-Bev’s formulations. “In addition, when consumed consistently over a 30-day period, it could help improve brain function.”

Such results are promising for food companies that are looking to add value to their food products through functionality without any negative side effects. The company currently offers two formulations: WakeUp, for dietary supplements and Rhythm for energy drinks.

In 2016, the US market for energy and sports drinks reached a value of $25 billion and according to Packaged Facts, this category is expected to continue to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the beverage industry. With InnoBev currently looking for partnerships with leading US