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Nestlé Discontiues Milkybar Wowsomes

Nestlé Discontiues Milkybar Wowsomes

Nestlé is no longer manufacturing its low-sugar, white chocolate bar ‘Milkybar Wowsomes’ which first launched in the UK and Ireland two years ago in March 2018.

The Milkybar Woesomes was an 18g bar that contained 95 calories and was the first chocolate bar made using Nestlé’s new sugar reduction technology, having 30 percent less sugar then Nestlé’s other confectionary bars.

The multinational Swiss brand claimed the new technology creates “aerated, porous particles of sugar that dissolve more quickly in the mouth.” This allows consumers to experience the same level of sweetness as a regular chocolate bar but with less sugar.

Nestlé hasn’t made an official statement on why they are discontinuing the product but according to just-food, it’s rumored to be from lost revenue.  Despite this, the company is eager to make more chocolate with a better-for-you twist.

Last year the brand used the same sugar reduction technology to debut a raspberry and hazelnut flavored KitKat called ‘KitKat Chunky More.’ The addition of the word ‘more’ indicates the product contains more healthy ingredients such as fruits, nuts and protein.

“We’re no longer making Milkybar Wowsomes but we are working on some new and exciting products for the future. Our latest 30 percent reduced-sugar chocolate is the More range, which encompasses the Raspberry and Hazelnut KitKat Chunk and the Oats, Apple and Cinnamon Yorkie,” said a spokesperson from Nestle.

Although consumers are demanding more health-conscious options, manufacturers in the confectionery business have been skeptical to invest in making new versions of products with less sugar due to it altering the overall taste and texture, which runs the risk of turning off customers.

Still, it seems Nestlé is confident they can leverage sales in this growing category and not just through their technology. The company also previously launched a new KitKat that used cocoa fruit pulp as a natural source of sweetness.

“We are always reviewing and innovating our range of products, and we continue to find new ways to improve our confectionary and reduce sugar without compromising on taste and quality,” the company states.