Karen Correa, PhD,BCMAS

Peer Circle Chairperson Karen Correa, PhD, BCMAS, Vice President, Head Global Clinical Operations at Takeda

Dr. Karen Correa is the Vice President, Head of Global Clinical Operations at Takeda, where she is responsible for the advancement of the portfolio and execution of global clinical trials. Her 30 years of clinical research experience cover a large range of settings and venues, including benchwork, clinical site, CRO, as well as both large and small pharma organizations and has spanned across multiple therapeutic areas.


She also leads the “Diversity in Clinical Trials” program at Takeda and has been known as an SME on this topic for the past 25 years. Dr. Correa serves as a board member of East Carolina University Alumni Board and CAMcare Health Corporation, a Federally Qualified Healthcare Center in South Jersey.

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Cultivate Your Own High-Level Community

As a clinical trial leader, you are often confronted with a multitude of challenges such as patient recruitment and retention, regulatory compliance, budget constraints, global trial management, and more. In this high-stakes environment, it’s crucial to continually develop your skillset not only to effectively address these challenges, but also to lead your team with confidence, driving them towards meeting trial objectives and maintaining high standards of research integrity. Connecting with peers is an invaluable resource for navigating these complexities. By engaging in dialogue and exchange of experiences with colleagues facing similar issues, you can glean practical insights, strategies, and innovative solutions that may not be readily accessible in formal education or training.

Although attending conferences and events can help establish connections, sustaining these relationships over time to foster valuable conversations and connections can be challenging. Xtalks Peer Circles fills that gap.

Our Peer Circles offer a space for collective problem-solving and sharing best practices that have been proven effective in real-world situations. Additionally, building these relationships fosters a sense of community and mutual support in a field that can often feel isolating, particularly when addressing difficult challenges.

In an ever-evolving clinical leadership role, staying connected and informed through peer circles is not just beneficial, it’s essential. Plus, you’ll be matched with other leaders in your field, saving time and money while networking with the most practical set of problem solvers you could ever assemble.

Since Xtalks Peer Circles are a vendor-free environment, only members from sponsor companies can attend and set the agenda for meetings. As a clinical trial leader, this peer circle is created for you, and is curated by you. By joining this exclusive group, you will have the opportunity to participate in virtual meetings and discussions with other top clinical trial leaders. This will provide you with access to the latest strategies and insights to help tackle your biggest challenges.

How You Will Benefit

Save Time and Funding

Xtalks Peer Circles were designed to cater to busy professionals by offering virtual meetings that are cost-effective and efficient. No flights, no hotels, no conference tickets, no days lost. Unlike conferences or tradeshows, peer circles offer no travel downtime, and members can easily participate in the discussions led by the meeting’s chair without any prior preparation required.

Gain Deep Insights and Develop Cutting-Edge Strategies

Being a part of the Clinical Trial Leadership Peer Circle enables you to enhance your understanding of the evolving clinical trial landscape and aid in the development of optimized strategies. Through interactive discussions from thought leaders in the field, you’ll gain exposure to pioneering approaches to clinical trial design, execution, and management. These sessions will challenge your thinking, stimulate innovative ideas, and empower you to make strategic decisions that can dramatically improve the efficiency and success of your clinical trials.

Build Meaningful Industry Connections

The Clinical Trial Leadership Peer Circle offers a distinctive chance for potential participants – the opportunity to create your own influential network within the industry. This sense of camaraderie is fostered through the genuine and nurturing dialogues within each circle, thereby building profound and enduring ties with other clinical trial leaders. Members are urged to share their trials, triumphs, and tribulations in an environment that prioritizes confidentiality.

By engaging in these deeper conversations and connections, members of the Clinical Trial Leadership Peer Circle can enhance their understanding of the sector and the challenges it encounters. Upon your involvement, you’ll begin to see things from new angles and gain insights that can substantially inform your professional approach and decision-making within the clinical trial landscape.

What You Will Get

  • Six virtual meetings over a period of 12 months that are led by the peer circle chairperson
  • A private and secure communication channel to connect informally at any time via chat, audio or video with your peer circle members
  • An industry bulletin featuring news and developments related to clinical trial leadership
  • Up to 9 Continuing Education (CE) credits, per year, based your participation in the Peer Circle.

Who Should Attend?

The Clinical Trial Leadership Peer Circle is specifically designed for senior-level clinical trial professionals working at sponsor companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. If you’re looking to connect with peers who understand the unique challenges you face and learn from other leaders in the industry, this is the Peer Circle for you.

Join us today to take advantage of this opportunity to connect, learn, and grow in your career.

If you have any questions, please connect with us here.

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