Peer Circle Chairperson Marie-Claude Raymond, Vice President, Clinical Development & Operations, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Marie-Claude Raymond began her career at Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) in 2017 as the Vice President of US Clinical Development and Operations (CD&O).

She has led or participated in multiple initiatives or key transformation projects in BI.


The most recent ones are the CD&O Global Culture project, Diversity in Clinical Trials, Medical Excellence, and CD&O CRO Preferred Partnership.

Marie-Claude has close to 30 years of pharmaceutical industry experience.

Before BI, she was at Novartis where she held several roles of increasing responsibility, including Global Head of Scientific Development and Operations in the Exploratory Clinical Development function, Global Head of the Clinical Trial Management & Resources function in Oncology Clinical Development, and most recently Global Head of Development Operations Services.

Marie-Claude holds her BSc in Biochemistry and MSc in Biomedical Science from the University of Montreal and earned an MBA from the European University and the University of Dallas. She is also a Black Belt Six Sigma.

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Cultivate Your Own High-Level Community

Recruiting clinical trial participants can be an expensive, difficult and lengthy process. And once your patients are onboarded into the trial, you’re still tasked with retaining them in order to maintain the integrity of the study. Failure to limit participant dropout rates can have far-reaching effects on study timelines and budgets.

Ensuring patient recruitment, engagement and retention goals are met is a common challenge for everyone in the clinical trials industry, and shared challenges call for collaborative solutions. While conferences can provide an environment conducive to starting these discussions, they often fall short in fostering enduring relationships that fuel insightful dialogue. 

That’s where the Xtalks Patient Recruitment and Engagement Peer Circle steps in. In this Peer Circle, members will learn best practices for patient recruitment, engagement and retention from each other. They will gain insights into the most effective ways to engage with diverse patient populations and identify those with a willingness to participate in studies, as well as strategies to be mindful of the patient voice and ultimately minimize withdrawal.

As a member, you will be connected with other leaders in your field, saving you time and money while networking with the most future-focused group you could ever assemble.

Say goodbye to virtual environments cluttered with vendors and event organizers setting the agenda. Our selective Peer Circles are created for you and are curated by you. By joining this exclusive collective, you will have the opportunity to participate in compelling virtual conversations with top leaders in patient recruitment, engagement and retention for clinical trials.

Why You Should Become a Member

Save Time and Resources

Xtalks Peer Circles were designed with busy professionals in mind, by offering virtual meetings that are economical and efficient. Forget about flight bookings, hotel accommodations, or conference tickets. Our platform eliminates travel downtime, allowing members to seamlessly participate in chair-led discussions with no prior preparation.

Gain Profound Insights and Craft Progressive Strategies

Members of this Peer Circle will gain access to other clinical trial leaders with deep knowledge of patient recruitment , engagement and retention strategies. This group of experts will form a mini think tank to help solve pressing issues that they are facing – from creating a strategy for your Diversity Action Plan, to evaluating whether a DCT model is truly the most patient-centric approach in your therapeutic area. As an exclusive networking group, members will also have opportunities to bring forth their own challenges for discussion and develop their careers by building relationships and sharing knowledge.

Forge Meaningful Industry Connections

Join this Peer Circle to get access to the latest information and best practices for recruitment, engagement and retention in clinical trials in the most efficient way possible. This Peer Circle provides access to exclusive meetings led by leaders in clinical trials without vendors or solutions providers. Because you’re matched with other leaders in your field, you save time on networking by connecting immediately with the people you want to learn from. 

What You Will Get

  • Six virtual meetings over a period of 12 months that are led by the peer circle chairperson
  • A private and secure communication channel to connect informally at anytime via chat, audio or video with your peer circle members
  • An industry bulletin featuring news and emerging approaches to patient recruitment, engagement and retention
  • Up to 9 Continuing Education (CE) credits, per year, based on your participation in the Peer Circle.

Who Should Attend?

The upcoming Peer Circle on clinical trial recruitment, engagement and retention is a must-attend event for professionals at the forefront of shaping the future of healthcare. If you’re a C-suite executive, a VP, Director, or Department Head engaged in Clinical Trials, Clinical Research, Clinical Operations, Clinical Technology, Patient Advocacy, Patient Recruitment, Patient Engagement, or Patient Retention, this gathering promises to be a pivotal opportunity for knowledge exchange and strategic discussions.

Your presence and insights will undoubtedly contribute to the collective effort of revolutionizing the clinical trial landscape for the betterment of patients and healthcare.

Join us today to take advantage of this opportunity to connect, learn and grow in your career.

If you have any questions, please connect with us here.

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