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Personalized Content Generation For Successful Webinars

Personalized Content Generation For Successful Webinars

Modern consumers expect personalized experiences rather than generic information that’s delivered to the masses and they want to feel that your service or product offers a solution to one of their problems. So you may want to consider implementing personalized content for your next marketing initiative.

Webinars represent an engaging way to personalize marketing content. They are also an excellent tool to capture information to employ in future personalized marketing initiatives. These personalized marketing initiatives need to focus on the needs, interests and topics that are relevant to your customers.

Here are simple steps to make real connection with your customers before and after running a webinar:

Send a meaningful invitation

People are more inclined to open and respond to an email when you’ve invested extra time to address them personally. In order for your webinar to be meaningful to a potential webinar registrant, adjustments to the way you construct a webinar invitation can make a big impact. While Xtalks works to market clients’ webinars to a target audience (we work very hard to optimize webinar invitations), you may choose to email your own database too for your upcoming webinar. Here are some important notes to consider if you plan on doing that:

  • Personalize your subject line or email content: If you’re able to include a person’s name or job title in the subject line or email content, this has potential to have a positive impact on your open rate and click through rate. Don’t forget to A/B test your emails to see what works best.
  • Personalize your invitations: Identify your potential customers who are the most likely to engage with the content you plan on presenting. If you don’t focus on a subset of your audience, you may not be as effective as you’d like to be in your marketing efforts.
  • Avoid jargon-ridden text: Although not personalized content per se, when you over-complicate your email content with jargon-ridden text, you’re likely to have issues with your click-through rate. Don’t forget that you’re writing to a real person with real interests and concerns and with very little time for your email. Focus your attention on them and the advantages they will get if they attend your webinar.

Be Innovative

Try different formats of presenting your webinar to make it more engaging to your audience. You can adopt formats such as expert panels, interviews, and more. Check out our blog post on choosing a webinar format here

Be a Good Listener

Include polls, surveys and Q&A formats to give your audience the opportunity to express their concerns and experiences. There’s nothing more valuable than listening to your audience properly. You can use these interactive components of the webinar to personalize your future marketing initiatives.

Be a Thoughtful Speaker

It is vital to get your audience engaged. Try to turn your presentation into a conversation. Listen to what people are asking or how they’re responding to your poll questions. Express empathy to create a  connection with your audience. Thoughtfulness implies consideration. Asking a few questions is all it takes to uncover useful information and enrich the relationship.

Keep in Touch with Your Audience

Let your audience know how much they mean to you by keeping up the relationship with them after your webinar is done. Leads tend to go cold quickly, so you could reach out to them soon after the webinar with a follow-up call or email that focuses on the needs they’ve identified during the webinar. You may want to read our guide to following up on your webinar leads here.

Be Authentic

You have to be open and passionate, in order to connect effectively. Try to imagine that you’re giving your presentation to someone who you feel completely relaxed with. Don’t overintellectualize. Working to be open is like practicing your favorite sport, it needs to flow well with little to no effort. It will keep your audience focused instead or sliding away into their thoughts.

Maintain the Engagement After the Webinar

Offer your leads a new piece of content whether it’s a live demo, a white paper or an invitation to a new webinar on a different topic that is relevant to them. The more you personalize experiences in your marketing initiatives, the more you’ll be able to increase awareness, engagement and interest in your product or service.

Here at Xtalks, we have more than a decade of experience producing and marketing webinars. If you have any questions about how to create personalized webinar content for your next marketing initiative please let us know.

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