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Salt of the Earth Appoints Exclusive US Distributor for Award-Winning Ingredient

Salt of the Earth Appoints Exclusive US Distributor for Award-Winning Ingredient

Israel-based ingredient company, Salt of the Earth Ltd., has appointed A&B Ingredients Inc., as the exclusive US and Canadian distributor of their award-winning sodium reduction product, Mediterranean Umami. Their product is able to reduce sodium content in foods by up to 45 percent. Their sodium reducer won the Innovation Award from the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) this year at their annual meeting and exposition.

Mediterranean Umami is a naturally-sourced ingredient designed for sodium reduction and it allows food manufacturers to develop clean-label products. The product is composed of a proprietary blend of vegetable extracts and sea salts that result in an enhancement of the umami flavor profile. By using Mediterranean umami in processed foods, manufacturers are able to eliminate the need to use MSG and yeast extracts.

This product innovation could be a hit with North American food manufacturers as consumers are more interested in good-for-you foods. By reducing the sodium content of products by up to 45 percent, manufacturers are able to maintain the flavor of their products while also reducing the negative health impacts of salt.

“We are excited to partner with A&B Ingredients for the US and Canadian markets,” says Dovik Tal, CEO for Salt of the Earth. “There is a strong demand for sodium reduction and natural products in these large and dynamic markets, with increasing regulation from both the FDA and Health Canada to support sodium reduction.

“A&B Ingredients has a unique focus on clean-label solutions combined with strong technical support and competence, making them a natural choice for this partnership. We hope to offer Mediterranean Umami to new clients that seek natural sodium reduction solutions and flavor enhancement.”

Fairfield-based A&B Ingredients develop, market and distribute food ingredients for manufacturers.  

“Mediterranean Umami is a ground-breaking ingredient delivering an incredible umami flavor profile while being all-natural and clean-label, allowing food companies to develop tastier and healthier products,” notes Gil Bakal, CEO for A&B Ingredients.

“It is a perfect fit for our product portfolio and market focus. We are looking forward to working with the team at Salt of the Earth to bring this product to the market.”