Snacks for Summer 2024: New and Limited Editions Fueling Seasonal Trends

Snacks for Summer 2024: New and Limited Editions Fueling Seasonal Trends

Product photos courtesy of Kellanova, The Hershey Company, KIND Healthy Snacks, PepsiCo, Campbell Soup Company and General Mills.

Summer is a prime season for the snack industry to launch new and limited-edition products. With longer days and outdoor activities, consumers are looking for convenient and delicious options to fuel their adventures. 

Brands capitalize on this demand by introducing innovative flavors and textures to entice snack enthusiasts. This summer, several exciting snacks are hitting the market, offering unique and tantalizing tastes. Here’s a roundup of some new and limited-edition snacks for summer 2024.

1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Waffle Cereal

Snacks for Summer 2024
Photo courtesy of General Mills.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch has reinvented breakfast with its new Waffle Cereal. Each piece is shaped like a mini waffle and coated in the iconic cinnamon sugar flavor. This cereal promises a crunchy texture and nostalgic taste, making mornings more enjoyable. It’s a creative twist on a beloved classic, perfect for cereal lovers.

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2. Kettle Brand Limited Edition Gochujang Chips

Photo courtesy of Campbell Soup Company.

Kettle Brand has released Limited Edition Gochujang Chips, bringing the popular Korean chili paste flavor to its crunchy chips. This snack for summer offers a perfect balance of sweet, spicy and savory, providing a complex flavor experience. They’re a great way to explore global tastes from the comfort of your home. 

Photo courtesy of KIND Healthy Snacks.

3. KIND Healthy Grains Banana Peanut Butter Clusters with Dark Chocolate Chunks

KIND is known for its nutritious offerings, and its new Healthy Grains Banana Peanut Butter Clusters with Dark Chocolate Chunks is no different. These clusters combine whole grains, banana, peanut butter and dark chocolate for a deliciously balanced snack. Perfect for a quick breakfast or mid-day energy boost, these clusters are a tasty way to enjoy wholesome ingredients.

Snacks for Summer 2024
Photo courtesy of The Hershey Company.

4. KIT KAT Pink Lemonade Flavored Bar

KIT KAT is embracing summer with its Pink Lemonade Flavored Bar. This limited-edition treat combines the classic KIT KAT wafer with a refreshing pink lemonade flavor. It’s a sweet and tangy snack for summer that’s ideal for sunny days. The playful flavor is sure to delight KIT KAT fans and newcomers alike. 

Photo courtesy of PepsiCo.

5. MTN DEW Baja Fiery Mango Chips

In partnership with Doritos, MTN DEW is venturing into the snack aisle with its Baja Fiery Mango Chips. Infused with the tropical flavors of mango and a hint of spice, these chips are a bold and adventurous treat. They capture the essence of summer with their vibrant taste, perfect for those looking to spice up their snacking routine.

6. PopCorners Jalapeño Popper Flavor

Photo courtesy of Frito-Lay North America.

PopCorners has launched a new limited-edition flavor, Jalapeño Popper, combining jalapeño heat with smooth, savory cheese. Attendees of the Kentucky Derby Week were the first to try it at the PopCorners Snackbook earlier in May. The Snackbook featured a 1920s-style venue where guests could place free bets on their favorite flavors to win prizes, including the new Jalapeño Popper.

Photo courtesy of Kellanova.

7. Pop-Tarts Crunchy Poppers

Pop-Tarts has introduced Crunchy Poppers, a bite-sized twist on its classic toaster pastries. These snacks for summer offer a delightful crunch with every bite, making them perfect for on-the-go munching. Available in three flavors — Frosted Chocolatey Fudge, Frosted Strawberrylicious and Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon — they’re a fun and portable treat for all ages.

Product photos courtesy of Kellanova.

8. Pringles Spicy TNT Flavor

In celebration of Minecraft’s 15th anniversary, Pringles has launched a limited-time Spicy TNT flavor, available nationwide starting this month. This fiery new snack combines layers of spicy peppers and cheesy goodness, inspired by the game’s explosive TNT element. Fans can also participate in the Build for Better program, designing virtual playgrounds for a chance to see them built in real life. 

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