New Snacks of 2024: Discover What’s Coming to the Snack Aisle

New Snacks of 2024: Discover What’s Coming to the Snack Aisle

Product photos courtesy of Frito-Lay, The Hain Celestial Group, Ghirardelli, 1440 Foods, Wonderful Pistachios and McKee Foods.

This year, the snack industry is buzzing with innovation, offering an array of new snacks to satisfy every palate. From health-conscious options to indulgent treats, food brands are gearing up to launch products that promise to redefine our snacking habits. Let’s explore eight exciting new snacks of 2024, showcasing the diversity and creativity that continue to drive the food industry forward.

1. Cheez-It Extra Crunchy Line

New snacks
Photo courtesy of Kellanova.

Last month, Cheez-It announced the winter release of two new “extra crunchy” versions of its popular cheese-flavored snacks. The new varieties, Extra Crunchy Bold Cheddar and Snap’d Extra Crunchy Sharp White Cheddar, hit snack aisles in January, promising a crispy and cheesy crunch for fans. Citing research indicating a preference for crunchier snacks among 60 percent of consumers, Cheez-It aims to exceed expectations with these new snacks. 

 2. Garden Veggie’s Flavour Burst Tortilla Chips

Product photos courtesy of The Hain Celestial Group.

The Hain Celestial Group’s brand, Garden Veggie, launched a new line of tortilla chips dubbed Flavor Burst, available in Nacho Cheese and Zesty Ranch flavors. These gluten-free chips incorporate five different vegetables: spinach, beet, red bell pepper, carrot and tomato. The new snacks also contain non-GMO corn and are free from artificial flavors and preservatives. Set to hit shelves in the US and Canada this month, Flavor Burst tortilla chips promise a guilt-free snacking experience for consumers looking for delicious and nutritious options.

3. Ghirardelli Brownie Cookie Bar Mix

New snacks
Photo courtesy of Ghirardelli.

Ghirardelli recently introduced a new Brownie Cookie Bar mix, blending the flavors of brownies and chocolate chip cookies into one treat. This innovative mix features the richness of fudgy brownies and the classic taste of chocolate chip cookies, complete with Ghirardelli chocolate chips. To bake, the mix only requires the addition of butter, water, oil and an egg. The new mix is currently available at Walmart and will hit Kroger stores this month.

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4. Jack Link’s, Fritos and Flamin’ Hot Collaboration

Photo courtesy of Frito-Lay.

Frito-Lay’s brands, including Jack Link’s, Fritos and Flamin’ Hot, have collaborated to introduce new meat snack varieties. The lineup features Jack Link’s Fritos Chili Cheese flavor across Beef Jerky, Meat Sticks and Cheese Stick and Meat Combos, as well as new additions to the Jack Link’s Flamin’ Hot range with Cheese Stick and Meat Combos. The new snacks, offering a minimum of five grams of protein per serving, incorporate jalapeño cheese for a mix of savory and bold tastes. Designed for energy and convenience, these new snacks are perfect for on-the-go snacking.

5. Little Debbie Big Pack Mini Muffins

New snacks
Photo courtesy of McKee Foods.

McKee Foods’ subsidiary, Little Debbie, introduced a new Big Pack version of its mini muffins in Chocolate Chip and Blueberry flavors. Each Big Pack includes pouches containing six bite-sized mini muffins. Erica Cunningham, a product manager at Little Debbie, explained in a press release that consumer input significantly influenced the development of the Big Pack mini muffins. The decision to increase the number of muffins per pouch was driven by feedback and an understanding of evolving household needs. 

6. Oreo Space Dunk Cookies

Photo courtesy of Mondelez International.

Oreo has expanded its cosmic collection with the launch of Oreo Space Dunk cookies, featuring a unique space-inspired twist. These limited-edition cookies boast a vibrant blue and pink “cosmic creme” filling that’s infused with popping candies to mimic the sensation of space dust. A novel feature for Oreo, these cookies also include a small cut-out, allowing a peek at the colorful filling inside. Oreo Space Dunk cookies are currently making their way to stores and are available for pre-order on the Oreo website.

7. Pure Protein’s Sweet Chili Flavored Popped Crisps

New snacks
Photo courtesy of 1440 Foods.

Pure Protein is expanding its range of protein-rich snacks with the introduction of an exciting new flavor: Sweet Chili Popped Crisps. Starting this month, those looking for a healthy new snack option can enjoy this spicy and savory addition, now available on Amazon. Each bag of Sweet Chili Popped Crisps contains 12 grams of protein, offering a crunchy snack without any frying involved. These crisps are gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO, featuring a delicious mix of spiciness and sweetness.

8. Wonderful Pistachios’ Jalapeño Lime flavor

Photo courtesy of Wonderful Pistachios.

Wonderful Pistachios recently announced the latest addition to its popular No Shells collection, the Jalapeño Lime flavor. This new snack merges the spicy kick of jalapeño pepper with the citrusy sharpness of lime, offering a uniquely balanced taste that’s both zesty and invigorating. With an eye on convenience, the Jalapeño Lime pistachios are available in several packaging sizes. This ensures that Wonderful Pistachios Jalapeño Lime meets a wide array of snacking needs and preferences.

The snack industry’s 2024 lineup is as diverse as it is delicious, offering something for everyone. From health-focused bites to indulgent treats, these new snacks are set to make a big impact on the market, catering to the ever-evolving tastes and dietary needs of consumers. Whether you’re a fan of bold flavors, looking for plant-based options, or in need of a nutritious snack on the go, there will be an exciting range of new snacks in 2024 to explore.