Takis Disrupt the Salty Snack Category by Introducing Five New Products

Takis Disrupt the Salty Snack Category by Introducing Five New Products

Takis are entering the salty snack market with five new products- moving away from tortilla chips towards salty and cheesy potato chips, popcorn, nuts, and sticks.

Takis, a chip company, known for its spicy rolled tortilla chip, announced that they are expanding their brand by introducing five new snacks with their signature Fuego flavor and a new brand look. The company is looking to disrupt the market by entering the salty snack category and placing itself as the most intense snack brand in the world.

The brand came to the US in 2001 and they have been known since then to provide consumers with the spice they wanted. They have seen a 25 percent growth rate and have built a community by word-of-mouth and return customers.

The company believes that if they expand their line within the snacking category, they will capitalize on their signature flavor intensity and continually offer consumers bold, crunchy, and intense snacks.

“Takis is known for big, bold flavors, so we are thrilled to bring the intensity of our iconic rolled tortilla chip to entirely new snacking categories,” said Sandra Peregrina, marketing director of Salty Snacks for Barcel USA, in a press release.

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The new products include Takis Waves, which are salty ridged potato chips with blasting Fuego flavor. Potato chips make up 30 percent of the salty snack category, which is why they are moving away from tortillas and introducing potato chips.

Additionally, the company is introducing Takis Watz is entering the cheese snack category with a combination of flavor and crunchiness, which will be in direct competition with Cheetos, known for their cheesy and crunchy chips. Takis POP! is another salty snack that will compete with other popcorn brands, such as Smartfood, to deliver ready-to-eat popcorn with explosive flavors.

Takis Stix is a corn snack stick that will be an excellent on-the-go snacking option. This is similar to Tostitos Rolls, but the Takis brand will represent their signature Fuego flavoring.

Finally, the company is entering the nut category by introduced Takis Hot Nuts, which was initially launched in 2020, but due to their popularity, they will continue to sell as their sales went up 15.2 percent year-to-date. The Takis Hot Nuts differ from other nut products because they offer spice and are made with a double crunch technology.

“We know our consumers are looking for satisfying snacks that level up the moment, and Takis is the perfect snack to do that. Takis Waves, Takis Watz, Takis POP!, Takis Stix and Takis Hot Nuts will provide a full flavor experience not yet offered in these snacking categories, so we’re excited to bring the intensity to consumers,” said Peregrina.

The company’s new packaging will emphasize their logo and the brand’s signature purple color. There will be a tornado effect on the packaging that showcases unique ingredients that make the flavor of the snack. The packaging will also include Takis Heat-O-Meter, which will help consumers understand the intensity of the product.