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This is the Newest Functional Beverage from the Co-Founders of Oatly and Fiji Water

This is the Newest Functional Beverage from the Co-Founders of Oatly and Fiji Water

Good Idea will be available in three flavors: Wild Raspberry, Sea Berry and Black Currant, and retail for $2.49 per can (Photo courtesy of Good Idea, Inc.).

Following a soft launch in select markets, the beverage buffs behind Oatly and Fiji Water have teamed up to develop Good Idea, a functional beverage that will soon debut in the US. While the line was initially launched in 2018 under the name “The Swedish Sugar Buster,” the re-launch features new packaging and flavors that are more suitable for today’s functional beverage market.

Following the quiet launch in 2018, Bjorn Oste and Rickard Oste of Oatly and Doug Carlson of Fiji Water continued refining Good Idea and invested approximately $9 million in research, product development and third-party, double-blind clinical studies in support of the beverage, which is formulated to harness the body’s natural energy while minimizing cravings and balancing blood sugar and carbohydrates.

“We know how difficult it is to break bad habits and move towards a healthier lifestyle,” said Bjorn Oste, CEO of Good Idea Inc., in a press release. “So when we designed Good Idea our aim was to create an attractive product that would fit into established mealtime patterns, while simultaneously having a real impact. The result is a product that can be instrumental in attacking the sugar problem in a sustainable way, both for individuals and healthcare providers.”

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Formulated with Nordic berries, amino acids, chromium, zinc and electrolytes, Good Idea is free from artificial colors, sweeteners, caffeine and calories. Good Idea claims the amino acids “prime” the metabolism to extract more energy from food, while the chromium picolinate boosts insulin sensitivity, minimizing the amount needed to deliver energy into cells. However, none of these claims have been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The functional beverage will be launching with three flavors that all feature Nordic berries, including Wild Raspberry, Sea Berry and Black Currant. The drinks are available for sale on Good Idea’s website for a suggested retail price of $2.49, with retail locations to be announced.

Good Idea is tapping into the massive market of consumers concerned about their blood sugar. According to market research from the IMARC Group, the global diabetic food market hit $9.2 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of seven percent from 2021 to 2026.

While Good Idea will be competing with a slew of other functional beverages, such as Dash Water, Poppi and Limitless, it will also be contending with foods aimed at lowering blood sugar. For example, General Mills debuted a line of snacks in June called Good Measure, which include seeds and nuts that don’t cause blood sugar to spike.

The relaunch of Good Idea coincides with a broader trend in the food and beverage industry where consumers are looking to fulfill more than just hunger and hydration. They are gravitating towards products that not only satisfy basic needs, but also improve their health, provide extra nutrition and support their physical and mental wellbeing. If Good Idea can prove its claims of improving metabolism and optimizing energy from food, the product has a higher chance of finding success in the crowded functional beverage market.