Top 15 Best Food Companies to Work For in 2024, According to Forbes

Top 15 Best Food Companies to Work For in 2024, According to Forbes

Among the various sectors represented in Forbes’ 2024 "America’s Best Large Employers," the food and beverage industry holds a significant place.

In the competitive landscape of the food and beverage industry, standing out as one of the best food companies to work for of choice is no small feat. Forbes’ 2024 “America’s Best Large Employers” list shines a light on those companies that go above and beyond to create exceptional workplace environments, foster innovation and demonstrate a commitment to their employees’ growth and well-being. 

This prestigious list, compiled through an exhaustive survey of American employees, offers invaluable insights into the 600 companies that are leading the way in employee satisfaction and organizational culture. Among the various sectors represented, the food and beverage industry holds a significant place, showcasing a variety of companies that have mastered the recipe for a happy and productive workforce.

Let’s delve into the food and beverage companies that have earned their spot on this list. These companies are not just industry leaders in terms of revenue and market share; they are also pioneers in creating workplace cultures that attract and retain top talent. From innovative employee benefits to inclusive work environments, the best food companies to work for have set benchmarks for others to follow. Let’s explore what makes each of these companies stand out.

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1. General Mills (Rank 168)

General Mills, a household name with brands like Cheerios, Yoplait and Betty Crocker under its belt, stands out for its commitment to diversity and inclusion, sustainability and employee well-being. The company’s innovative policies, such as flexible work arrangements and comprehensive wellness programs, contribute to its high ranking as one of the best food companies to work for.

2. Simmons Foods (Rank 195)

Simmons Foods, a leading supplier of poultry, pet food and ingredient products, is recognized for its dedication to employee development and community involvement. The company’s strong focus on safety, team member engagement and sustainable practices highlights why it’s among the best food companies to work for.

3. JR Simplot (Rank 299)

Known for its innovation in agriculture and food processing, JR Simplot has created a culture of innovation that empowers employees to contribute ideas and drive change. This approach, coupled with the company’s commitment to sustainability and community, cements its position as one of the best food companies to work for.

4. Coca-Cola (Rank 373)

As a global beverage leader, Coca-Cola offers its employees unparalleled opportunities for growth and development. The company’s focus on creating a diverse and inclusive work environment, along with its commitment to global sustainability initiatives, makes it a top choice for professionals looking to make an impact.

5. Nestlé (Rank 379)

Nestlé’s vast portfolio of products is matched by its investment in employee health, nutrition and well-being. The company’s global presence offers employees a unique opportunity to work in a multicultural environment, fostering innovation and creativity across its operations.

6. Schreiber Foods (Rank 393)

As a leading dairy company, Schreiber Foods is committed to providing its employees with a supportive and rewarding work environment. The company’s focus on continuous improvement, teamwork and sustainability initiatives are key factors in its recognition as one of the best food companies to work for.

7. The Hershey Company (Rank 404)

The Hershey Company, famous for its iconic chocolates and confectioneries, places a strong emphasis on employee growth and community engagement. Its “Future CEO” program is just one example of how the company invests in the next generation of young female talent.

8. Cargill (Rank 418)

With a global footprint in the food and agriculture sector, Cargill is renowned for its ethical business practices and sustainability efforts. The company’s focus on employee development and engagement programs makes it one of the best food companies to work for.

9. JM Smucker (Rank 489)

JM Smucker, known for its wide range of food products, emphasizes a culture of openness and innovation. The company’s commitment to work-life balance and community involvement are key reasons it is considered one of the best food companies to work for.

10. PepsiCo (Rank 527)

PepsiCo distinguishes itself through its global career opportunities and commitment to diversity and inclusion. The company’s Performance with Purpose philosophy integrates sustainability into its business strategy, attracting professionals passionate about making a difference.

11. Dairy Farmers of America (Rank 542)

This cooperative, driven by a mission to support and serve dairy farmers, focuses on integrity, accountability and innovation. Its dedication to a transparent and inclusive workplace culture secures its spot as one of the best food companies to work for.

12. Molson Coors (Rank 562)

Molson Coors has a storied tradition of brewing excellence and a vibrant culture of engagement and responsibility. The company’s commitment to employee development and sustainability initiatives reflects its status as a top employer in the food and beverage industry.

13. Treehouse Foods (Rank 596)

Treehouse Foods specializes in private-label food and beverage products, emphasizing innovation and customer focus. Its collaborative work environment and commitment to continuous improvement make it a preferred employer.

14. Flowers Foods (Rank 598)

Known for its bakery products, Flowers Foods invests in its employees through comprehensive training programs and leadership development opportunities. Its focus on sustainability and community involvement further highlights why it’s among the best food companies to work for.

15. Keurig Dr Pepper (Rank 599)

Keurig Dr Pepper stands out for its innovative approach to the beverage industry and its commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace. The company’s focus on health and wellness, along with its sustainability efforts, make it a model employer in the food and beverage sector.

These companies exemplify what it means to be among the best food companies to work for, through their commitment to employee satisfaction, innovation and sustainability. As the food and beverage industry continues to evolve, these employers are leading the charge, setting new standards for what a great workplace can be.

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