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We Launched Live Streaming Webinar Teasers for More Social Engagement

We Launched Live Streaming Webinar Teasers for More Social Engagement

Getting an audience’s attention has become increasingly difficult as more and more relevant content appears across our social media feeds. Live streaming is the latest and greatest that social media has to offer and is a fantastic way to engage and broadcast information. In this article, we introduce how Xtalks has introduced live streaming webinar teasers to engage audiences on our social media channels and get the word out about live webinars in-real time.

What is a Livestream?

Generally, a livestream is a real time event broadcasted through video and audio to users on the internet. It’s a live event “in the moment”. Live streaming gained popularity on Periscope and Youtube, and hosts a wide range of topics from gaming to news and beyond. Its been readily adopted by other social media platforms since the inception of the live stream over 20 years ago.


Xtalks Livestream Webinar Teaser (From September 24th, 2019)

Expanding the Reach of Your Webinar

Thanks to prominent placements of livestream functionality on social media platforms, users are increasingly likely to come across a livestream in their social feeds. On Facebook and Linkedin, Xtalks has observed better engagement with our own social media audience plus additional reach across the platform since adopting livestream functionality. Our livestreams of webinars aim to engage a user to click on a live feed and educate themselves on a specific live webinar hosted on Xtalks and to register for the full webinar in progress. With a live stream being “in the moment” on social media, this generates excitement and gives extra exposure to the webinar by reaching a wider audience.

Real-time Engagement in an Uncrowded Marketplace

Real-time engagement gives audiences a connection to the live webinar and may engage them into sharing or registering for the live event. Engagement on the social platform also opens up the possibility of chatting with other users who are interested in the webinar topic as well as chatting with Xtalks support staff.

Since livestreams are relatively fresh to social media and to the pharmaceutical, medical device and food industries, Xtalks’ livestreams also have the potential to cut through the noise of other.

What are the Results From our First Webinar Teaser LiveStreams?

Xtalks’ Facebook and Linkedin account livestream data was compiled to report all livestreams and non-livestream posts from the last month. When comparing impression and click data, we’ve seen that livestreams on Linkedin resulted in a 10-fold increase for both impressions and clicks. Facebook livestreams didn’t result in a significant difference from a non-live stream post, but still provided an additional and engaging piece of content for our facebook audience.

After viewing these results of our initial analysis, we’re excited to see the potential of how livestreams may enhance the reach of our webinars and intend to continue this marketing feature for the foreseeable future.

If you’re interested in getting your own webinar hosted, produced, marketed and livestreamed on Xtalks, be sure to reach out to us today.