A Buyer and Users Guide to Clinical Trial Software

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  • May 05, 2016

Overwhelmingly, clinical research has adopted software to simplify the management of data for research. Since the 1990s, more and more trials have adopted varying levels of technology to gather, manage, and report their research data. The most recent estimates state that 80% of trials use some sort of technology.1

Over the past 25 years technology has evolved. In the past 5 years, it has exploded. As new applications of groundbreaking technology expands both hardware and software capabilities, clinical research professionals are faced with new challenges, opportunities, and problems.


The big question in the industry is the benefit of adoption. Can technology really deliver on the promise of improving ROI? Can it streamline processes, make the research team more efficient, improve patient safety, and get to the end result of the research faster?

In this webinar, buyers and users of clinical trial software will learn how to assess current technology options with the goal of streamlining the management of data for clinical trials. Whether considering adopting software for the first time or replacing aging technology, we present the top issues for contemplation.

Intro/Outline Overview

  • Emergence of the digital and eClinical ecosystem and the convergence of technologies
  • Technological trends, and how a leaner pharma industry is driving changes in our technology sector
  • Identifying how digital and eClinical systems should be evaluated with regard to improving ROI


Patrick Smith, Product Manager, DATATRAK

Patrick Smith graduated from Texas A&M in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. He joined DATATRAK the same year as a Technology Associate aiding in technical writing and market research. Patrick quickly began to shine and was promoted to Technical Marketing Engineer in June 2013. In this role he provides marketing content, compiles market and competitor research, conducts product demos, and works with Product Management in the design, testing, and documentation of DATATRAK ONE UX™.

Who Should Attend?

Senior level professionals involved in Clinical Operations, including evaluating eClinical solutions, from pharmaceutical biotechnology, medical device companies & CROs

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DATATRAK simplifies clinical trials with software that responds to the unique needs of each trial. From data gathering and analysis through submission, our solutions eliminate redundancy and the need for revalidation, providing real-time data views and a robust tool set to analyze stored data, right through the interface. Whether individual trials or across all trials on the platform, our software and services help you safely accelerate your trial.

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