A More Effective Purification of Therapeutic Peptides Using Orthogonal Techniques

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  • Thursday, May 19, 2022

Regardless of the peptide production method — peptide synthesis or expression — in host cells, all crude peptides need to be purified. The purity requirements for therapeutic peptides are particularly stringent. Reversed phase chromatography (RPC) is the most commonly used peptide separation technique but has its challenges. Impurities from the peptide feed can cause fouling of the column and not all impurities can be resolved on the RPC column. Adding an orthogonal step to both protect the RPC column and increase the resolution, could solve these issues. For example, a variety of peptide modifications that cannot be removed by RPC can be separated by ion exchange chromatography. By introducing a cation exchange chromatography (CIEX) step upstream of the high-performance silica-based RPC step, the burden from impurities is significantly reduced and the purity of the target peptide is greatly enhanced.

In this webinar, the featured speaker will present data on three differently produced therapeutic peptides: two solid-phase synthesized peptides and one peptide expressed in Escherichia coli, both purified with an upstream CIEX step before one or two RPC steps. Two of the cases presented are directed more towards process scale and one is specifically directed against screening and small-scale purifications.

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Cecilia Unoson, Bio-Works

Cecilia Unoson, Manager Applications, Bio-Works

Cecilia Unoson is the Manager of the Applications Research team at Bio-Works. She joined the company in the beginning of 2018 and is a Molecular Biologist with a PhD in microbiology (Uppsala University). Previously, she worked in both small (Olink) and large companies (Cytiva). She also spent many years in academia (as a PhD student, postdoc and researcher) studying regulatory RNAs in bacteria, with a focus on the CRISPR-Cas9 system.

Message Presenter

Who Should Attend?

Professionals working in chromatography, downstream process development, product development of therapeutic peptides, product development of synthetic peptides and development of peptide-based therapeutics such as:

  • Process Developers
  • Scientists developing peptide purification protocols
  • Chromatography Specialists
  • Downstream Process Developers for synthetic peptides
  • Heads of Process Development

What You Will Learn

Attendees will learn:

  • How to prevent peptide feed impurities from fouling reversed phase chromatography (RPC) columns
  • How introducing a cation exchange chromatography (CIEX) step upstream of high-performance silica-based RPC reduces the burden from impurities and enhances target peptide purity
  • How a variety of peptide modifications that cannot be removed by RPC can be separated by ion exchange chromatography
  • Examples of two solid-phase synthesized peptides and one peptide expressed in Escherichia coli, each purified with an upstream CIEX step before one or two RPC steps

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BioWorks is based in Uppsala, Sweden. We develop, produce and deliver innovative agarose-based products for purification of peptides, proteins and other biomolecules to industry and research organizations in the Life Science field. The employees in the company have long experience from the biotechnology industry and deep knowledge about the development of high-performance purification products. This has made it possible to develop a broad and high-performance product portfolio available in various prepacked formats as well as in several different bulk sizes.

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