A Step-by-Step Approach to EHR eSource in Clinical Trials

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  • Thursday, October 26, 2023

The shift from manual data entry of medical records to the automatic acquisition of data from multiple real-world sources is no longer a ‘nice to have’ in clinical trials. In our post-pandemic landscape, sponsors embracing EHR eSource realize key competitive advantages:

  • Increased early access to a steady stream of data for decision-making
  • Compressed trial timelines
  • Reduced burden on trial sites and patients

However, change is hard, especially at scale. Challenges persist around change management, regulatory compliance, trial complexity, data quality and technology implementation. Leading sponsors are adopting a strategic, step-by-step approach that minimizes disruption and risk while maximizing a positive return right from the start.

“EHR eSource represents a revolutionary advancement for clinical trial stakeholders,” said Cal Collins, OpenClinica CEO. “Its significance goes beyond its functionalities; it lies in its innovative approach. New interoperability standards enable a reusable, contemporary framework, resulting in a substantial reduction in both the time and cost of implementation. Contrary to common perceptions, initiating this technology is far more straightforward than one might imagine.”

Join this webinar to learn how to get started with a focus on early wins to realize long-term success with EHR eSource and real-world data across traditional, decentralized, virtual and digital-first clinical trials.


Cal Collins

Cal Collins, Co-founder and CEO, OpenClinica

Cal co-founded OpenClinica with colleague Ben Baumann in 2006. He co-led a collaboration with an OpenClinica client and the FDA that won Bio-IT World’s 2022 Innovative Practice Awards for their work on the OneSource initiative integrating EHR and EDC systems. He has been active in standards development work for many years, including as a member of CDISC’s Operational Data Model V2 feature team and the HL7 Vulcan Advisory Council and Steering Committee.

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Ben Baumann, OpenClinica

Ben Baumann, Co-founder and COO, OpenClinica

Ben Baumann, is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of OpenClinica, a cloud software provider that accelerates clinical research through automation and smart technologies that enhance data quality. For over 15 years, OpenClinica has helped sponsors, CROs, and academic partners innovate to obtain better data, faster, across 10,000+ clinical studies encompassing all study design types, therapeutic areas, and geographies. In 2022 Ben was part of the team which included the FDA and QuantumLeap Healthcare that won Bio-IT World’s 2022 Innovative Practice Awards for their work integrating EHR and EDC systems.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar is for sponsors, CROs, AROs and clinical site leadership interested in minimizing risk and maximizing ROI with a  proven, incremental approach to EHR eSource adoption across  traditional, virtual, hybrid and decentralized clinical trials.

What You Will Learn

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How to adopt an incremental approach to eSource (EHR to EDC integration) across multiple trial scenarios to overcome real and perceived challenges.
  • How a strategic approach to EHR eSource today builds a strong competitive advantage.
  • How sponsors and sites map existing technologies into current and future trials to minimize risk and maximize ROI.
  • Proven change management strategies and tips to chart a successful EHR eSource strategy.

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OpenClinica accelerates clinical trials by automating data acquisition through its software-as-a-service platform. Offering a secure bridge between healthcare and research, OpenClinica is trusted by the world’s foremost life science companies, academic institutions, and government entities and has been used in more than 10,000 studies involving over five million patients. OpenClinica is proud to support hundreds of small, midsize and large research organizations spanning biotech, pharma, medical device manufacturing and contract research organizations. Learn more at openclinica.com or email us at [email protected]

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