Addressing the Complexity of Decentralized and Hybrid Clinical Trials

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  • Thursday, January 20, 2022

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry had to rapidly adapt to treating patients remotely, which meant adopting methods for decentralized and hybrid clinical trials, while maintaining data quality and regulatory compliance. There is strong evidence that these new decentralization methods are here to stay. In a recent survey conducted by Informa Intelligence and Oracle Health Sciences, 82% of the 251 clinical trial professionals who responded felt that the new approaches they adopted during the pandemic have had a positive impact. According to the same survey, 97% revealed that their organization plans to continue using at least one of the new methods going forward.

But how do these new methods fit into an existing ecosystem? Unfortunately, many eClinical platforms lack key capabilities, which require complex integrations with third party solutions. This results in a fragmented user experience along with data redundancy and quality issues. Ultimately, this causes delays in gaining access to consolidated data for key stakeholders, which can lead to many problems, including missing critical trial issues that put patients at risk.

Join this webinar to understand the complexities of decentralized and hybrid clinical trials. Also, join this webinar to learn how a scalable, interconnected platform allows for shared services, enabling an optimized user experience, data interoperability and timely access to all data for critical decision making.


Julie Smiley, Oracle Health Sciences

Julie Smiley, Sr. Director, Life Sciences Product Strategy, Oracle Health Sciences Global Business Unit

Julie is a product strategist for Oracle Health Sciences with over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. She has an MS in Computer Information Systems from Boston University with a focus in knowledge management. Over the last few years, Julie has worked with multiple pharma organizations to implement standards and metadata management solutions. Prior to that, she spent many years leading data management and database programming functions. She has a passion for driving efficiencies across clinical development by bridging the gaps between people, processes and technology.

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David Blackman, Oracle Health Sciences

David Blackman, Executive Director Digital Trials Strategy, Oracle Health Sciences

As Oracle’s Executive Director Digital Trials Strategy, David Blackman has responsibility for aligning digital strategies and innovations with Oracle’s developing business needs.    Within his role in Oracle’s Health Sciences Global Businesses Unit, David is responsible for creating and developing differentiating technology and business capabilities through development, partnerships and acquisitions that enhance clinical trial research and accelerate bringing drugs to market for our clients. 

 Before joining Oracle in 2021, he served in the Corporate Development and Strategy group at PPD where he had responsibility for PPDs business innovation, leading and incubated cutting-edge business solutions resulting in the investment, development, integration and commercialization of digital and remote clinical trials capabilities.   Prior to that David worked at IBM/Lenovo, where he held a number of global technology and business leadership roles. 

 A graduate of the University of Johannesburg in South Africa, he combines his more than 20 years of technological experience in development, process and technology innovations with his commitment to implementing cutting-edge technologies as a platform that advance innovative technology solutions in clinical trials worldwide.   He holds two patents for technology innovations in human factors.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Director, VP level, and Executive Management
  • Clinical Operations and Innovations
  • Professionals seeking further knowledge on how to develop their digital strategy for clinical trials

What You Will Learn

Register for this webinar to:

  • Understand why decentralized and hybrid clinical trials require complex integrations to provide real-world data and patient engagement
  • See how a single, unified platform facilitates streamlined processes by using shared services for study setup and configuration, security and data access through reporting and analytics
  • Learn how to implement a scalable, interconnected platform for data interoperability, ensuring timely access to all data for critical decision making

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