AI and Drug Development: Keeping it Real with Pharma

Life Sciences, Drug Discovery & Development,
  • Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Discover an informative webinar delving into industry insights about artificial intelligence’s (AI) impact on drug development automation. We’ve all heard the hype around artificial intelligence, especially its application for drug discovery and development. In some corners, it’s coming to replace jobs. In others, it’s going to revolutionize life science and the pharmaceutical industry. But what do drug developers think about using AI? Are established companies ready to incorporate AI for success and competitive advantage? If so, how are they doing it today?

Join this fireside chat with the featured speakers to understand how established companies are approaching AI and integrating it into their strategy and research and development (R&D) workflows.

Topics explored will include:

  • How to parse the wide range of technological variation within the domain of AI
  • Positioning AI initiatives in the face of decreasing investment in R&D
  • The critical requirements for making AI initiatives successful in a large organization
  • How to evaluate technology partnerships and build versus buy decisions
  • Common fears and apprehension about integrating AI, and how to overcome them

Join this webinar to learn innovative insights into drug development automation and build new capabilities to remain a leading pharmaceutical producer.


Dr. Jo Varshney, VeriSIM Life

Dr. Jo Varshney, PhD, DVM, CEO, VeriSIM Life

Dr. Jo Varshney is the Founder and CEO of VeriSIM Life, and President and CEO of PulmoSIM Therapeutics which is a subsidiary of VeriSIM Life. She is the inventor of VeriSIM Life’s BIOiSIM core technology. Dr. Varshney is a Doctor in Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and holds a PhD in Comparative Oncology/Genomics from the University of Minnesota, as well as graduate degrees in Comparative Pathology from Penn State and Computational Sciences from UC San Francisco.

Dr. Varshney’s commentary on the use of technology to improve the translation of novel therapies to successful clinical outcomes has been featured in trade publications, national media and scientific journals. Additionally, she serves on several advisory boards as Scientific/Technical Advisor, including the Critical Path Institute (C-Path), to further novel platforms to foster a technology ecosystem for enabling broader access to disease progression models and clinical trial simulation applications.

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Dr. Grazia Rovelli, Italfarmaco Group

Dr. Grazia Rovelli, PhD, Senior Researcher and Project Leader, Italfarmaco Group

Dr. Grazia Rovelli is a Project Leader and Senior Researcher in computational chemistry and artificial intelligence at Italfarmaco, a mid-sized pharmaceutical company mainly focusing on cardiovascular, immunological and oncological diseases. Dr. Rovelli earned her PhD in Chemistry from the University of Milano Bicocca and has held research roles at the University of Bristol, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and a Data Science Fellowship at UC Berkeley.

In 2022 she joined Italfarmaco, where her work centers on the in-silico design and development of new drug candidates, and she is particularly interested in integrating artificial intelligence within new and existing drug discovery programs. In addition to her research responsibilities, Dr. Rovelli leads preclinical research projects. She actively scouts potential partner biotech companies and CROs to support Italfarmaco’s preclinical research efforts and coordinates their activities. This role enables her to stay updated with the latest industry advancements and maintain a comprehensive understanding of the artificial intelligence for drug discovery landscape.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to leaders and professionals from the preclinical drug discovery and development divisions of pharma and biotech organizations, including but not limited to:

  • CEO, CSO, Chief Innovation/Development Officer
  • Vice President/Executive Director/Sr. Director/Director
    • Research and development
    • External innovation
    • Emerging technologies
    • Strategic partnerships
  • Director/Head/Principal Scientist
    • Translational sciences
    • Toxicology
    • PK/PD, DMPK
  •  Technical Lead, preclinical development

What You Will Learn

Attendees will gain insights into:

  • Best practices for adopting advanced technologies
  • Aligning technologies with Scientists and existing processes
  • Real-world applications for the use of AI in pharmaceutical R&D

Xtalks Partner

VeriSIM Life

VeriSIM Life has developed a sophisticated computational platform that leverages advanced AI and ML techniques to improve drug discovery and development by significantly reducing the time and money it takes to bring a drug to market. BIOiSIM® is a first-in-class ‘virtual drug development engine’ that offers unprecedented value for the drug development industry by narrowing down the number of drug compounds that offer anticipated value for the treatment or cure of specific illnesses or diseases. The platform predicts the likelihood of a candidate’s success in clinical trials early in the preclinical stage, while reducing unnecessary experimentation and better informing key program decisions. For more information, visit

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