AI in Clinical Research: How to Maximize Efficiency and Patient Centricity

Life Sciences, Clinical Trials, Patient Recruitment & Retention,
  • Thursday, October 12, 2023 | 1pm EDT (10am PDT)
  • 60 min

Discover an informative webinar on the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical research and how researchers can benefit from this technology to maximize efficiency and patient centricity. Like it or not, AI is here to stay. The speed with which AI-powered apps, platforms and software have taken over is astounding — and for good reason. AI holds immense potential for optimizing and enhancing almost every industry, from coding and writing to vacation planning, customer service and more. Clinical research should be on that list, too. Want to learn why?

Join the Elligo Elite Learning Series webinar for an open discussion on how AI can enhance and accelerate almost every aspect of drug development and how researchers can implement this new technology in their research. The roundtable will be hosted by Michael Ibara, PharmD, Chief Data Officer at Elligo Health Research® and will feature AI and research experts Paul Della Maggiora, CEO & CTO at Avallano and Enrique Garcia-Rivera, PhD, VP of AI at Bullfrog AI.


The panelists will dive into the promise AI holds for accelerating clinical trial enrollment and intake as well as enhancing the patient experience to increase retention. They will also discuss how AI can unlock even more insights from trial data to not only hasten time to market but also to make drugs, devices and therapies safer and more effective. Perhaps most importantly, the experts will offer essential insights into navigating the intricacies of combining new technology with a highly regulated industry.

If researchers want to design, enroll and run an efficient clinical trial in the modern world of AI, they need to cultivate a deep understanding of the technology, its potential and its risks. If they don’t, they could miss an incredible opportunity to remain competitive and improve more lives around the world.

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Join this webinar to get insights into the role of AI in clinical research and how to maximize efficiency and patient centricity.


Michael Ibara, Elligo Health Research®

Michael Ibara, PharmD, Chief Data Officer, Elligo Health Research®

Michael Ibara has more than 20 years of experience in clinical research and development. Throughout his career, he has sought to improve healthcare by bringing together healthcare data and digital technologies. His interests include regulatory and policy implications for digital healthcare, exploring the factors needed to allow interoperability of healthcare data for all stakeholders involved and implications for the use of big data, machine learning and natural language processing to improve our ability to perform regulated clinical research.

Before joining Elligo, Michael was the Head of Digital Healthcare for the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC). There, he led the FDA eSource project and Healthcare Link efforts with registries, clinical trials and mobile health to enable the use of real-world data from healthcare for regulated research and decision-making. Prior to CDISC, Ibara was Head of Business Development Coordination and Innovation and also Head of Pharmacovigilance Innovation at Pfizer, where he worked for 15 years in various positions, leading implementations of global systems and large-scale.

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Paul Della Maggiora, Avallano

Paul Della Maggiora, CEO & CTO, Avallano

Paul Della Maggiora leads Avallano, a software company nestled in Greenville, South Carolina, as CEO and CTO. Avallano is breaking new ground in healthcare and life sciences, employing a patented approach that combines patient-centric privacy safeguards with personalized recommendations, trials and content. This strategy enables companies to engage with patients in a uniquely consumer-centric manner and work towards the vision for personalized precision medicine. Della Maggiora began his career with a computer science degree focused on AI and computer vision. His path led him to software companies like IBM, the then “startup” Cisco in 1994, Motorola, Avaya and eventually NCR.

Throughout his career, Della Maggiora carved out a reputation for excellence in a variety of leadership roles, from software architecture and development to big data analysis and technical sales. His strategic foresight and technological acumen have been consistently on display in his design and execution of numerous global platforms, especially surrounding privacy and personalization. He facilitated significant improvements in consumer and patient interactions, the delivery of personalized recommendations and the application of big data for prescriptive analytics. His work can be seen through his engagements with notable global clients in healthcare, government, military, retail and hospitality. His prolific career, patent portfolio, publications and contributions to the technological landscape have all converged in the formation of Avallano.

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Enrique Garcia-Rivera, Bullfrog AI

Enrique Garcia-Rivera, PhD, VP of AI, Bullfrog AI

Enrique is a technical professional at the intersection of computer science and biology, leveraging data science to solve problems in drug discovery and healthcare. He led various high-throughput screening efforts at the Broad Institute, most notably for oncology and modulators of protein degradation. At inference, he worked on combining orthogonal data types (-omics, literature, claims, EHR) for use in analytical challenges across the drug development cycle, from early-stage discovery and target identification to post-launch life cycle management. Most recently he was at ROME Therapeutics, where he developed a cloud-based platform for the quantification of genomic repeats in clinical sequencing data, with a focus on oncology and autoimmune disease. He holds a PhD from Harvard University in Biological and Biomedical Sciences.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to pharma, CRO and research professionals with the following roles and focus areas:

  • CEO, CSO, Chief Innovation/Development Officer
  • Vice President/Executive Director/Sr. Director/Director
  • Clinical development/operations
  • Risk Manager
  • Digital innovation/innovation Lead/Head
  • Operational Director
  • Chief Medical Officers
  • Patient advocacy/patient engagement/patient solutions
  • Research and development/scientific affairs
  • Study management
  • Decentralized trials
  • Clinical IT


What You Will Learn

Attendees will gain insights into:

  • How artificial intelligence (AI) can accelerate drug development and unlock data insights
  • How to integrate AI into your research to accelerate clinical trial enrollment, enhance the patient experience and increase retention
  • Essential precautions researchers must take when introducing AI technology to a highly regulated industry

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