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  • August 15, 2013

Development of antibacterial and antifungal agents remains an important priority in the pharmaceutical research industry. A steady rise in the rate of resistant bacterial infections is associated with an increase in death rates due to infection.

Development has focused on drugs to address this growing health concern. C. difficile colitis has become more frequent and severe over the last decade because hypervirulent strains have emerged, antibiotics are more frequently used, and the vulnerable elderly population has expanded. The need to treat invasive fungal infections in elderly and immune-compromised patients remains unmet because the existing antifungal therapies have toxicity limitations or do not cover the diverse fungal pathogens.

The goal of drug discovery in the anti-infectives area is to develop agents that are efficacious against the target pathogens and their resistant variants, with improved safety and exposure. The industry is addressing the key issues by developing new classes of small molecules with novel targets and by modifying existing antibiotics to overcome resistance, improve bioavailability and minimize toxicity. Biologics, siRNA, and vaccines are being generated to neutralize toxins and promote immune-mediated clearance.


Lynn Miesel, Ph. D., Global Technical Director, Infectious Disease and Microbiology, Eurofins Panlabs

Dr. Lynn Miesel directs Eurofins Panlabs infectious disease portfolio of in vitro and in vivo services. Until 2011, she served at Merck Research Laboratories as Collaboration Lead in the Infectious Diseases Department. Her career focused on lead discovery for novel antimicrobial and antiviral agents. She has led efforts in high throughput screening, hit-to-lead evaluation, lead optimization programs, and mechanism of action work. Much of this work involved the characterization of antimicrobial agents for their in vitro properties and in vivo efficacy.

Dr. Miesel will provide an overview of industry foci, needs and strategies, and provide rationale and context for the discovery services offered by Eurofins Panlabs and our partner Eurofins Medinet to compliment and facilitate the discovery and development of novel therapeutics. She will discuss our combined capabilities that support all efforts from lead identification and optimization to candidate selection, with regard to microbiological screening, toxicity testing (in vitro and in vivo), microbiological profiling of pathogen spectrum, in vitro assays for bactericidal/static effects, synergy evaluation with drug combination studies, assessment of resistance emergence, and the in vivo characterization of efficacy and correlation with PK exposure.

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Eurofins Panlabs is a global CRO specializing in discovery pharmacology testing services. We’ve been in continuous operation for over 40 years serving the Pharmaceutical and biotechnology community, setting the benchmarks for quality, convenience, and scientific expertise.

Our mission is to provide pharmacological testing services that predict clinical effects. Eurofins Panlabs’ scientific portfolio consists of over 1350 tests ranging from molecular assays, to cell-based models, through proof of concept in vivo activity determinations.

We are an extension of our client’s capabilities, providing unrivaled pharmacological expertise and knowledge, superior data reliability, and innovative solutions for drug discovery.

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