Cell and Gene Therapies – Trends, Supply Chain Challenges and Solutions

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  • Thursday, March 19, 2020

To control and direct the power of a patient’s immune system in order to fight disease is both ground-breaking as well as complicated. While the success of cell and gene therapy strives to become more mainstream and is increasingly the focus of researchers, the longer-term potential requires exploration. Researchers and manufacturers must translate the progress of cell and gene trials into broader programs targeting larger populations. Scalability and manufacturability are two challenges that the industry faces.

Nevertheless, before commercialization, cell and gene therapies encounter many other challenges as they progress towards their goal. The criticality and specialized handling needed for each shipment requires seamless execution of a vein-to-vein supply chain throughout the journey, and the manufacturers of these complex therapies must also consider the reliability, quality and cost effectiveness of any solution.

In this webinar learn more about how to maximize the potential of your cell and gene therapy pipeline, from clinical stages to commercialization.



Darren Dasburg, Global Head of Cell Gene Services, Marken

Darren Dasburg is in his 40th year serving in technical operations. Semi-retired after careers in small molecule (Glaxo) and biotech (Amgen, Biogen and MedImmune), he is now a leader in cell and gene therapies, specifically representing Marken in their cell and gene services growth business. Dasburg leads the C&G team plus the technology team and is focused on bringing the service business to a six-sigma delivery representing the quality required for this life saving realm.

Dasburg, a licensed engineer, graduated from Colorado State University and earned an MBA from Duke University. He is also an MIT-educated in cell culture and purification. He offers leadership and advisory roles for clients within the new modalities of cell and gene therapies

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Jeff Stone, Senior Director, Global Program Management, Marken

Jeff Stone is Senior Director, Global Program Management for Marken and has been working in the life sciences industry for more than 10 years focusing on supply chain and clinical supplies. Previously, Jeff was the Global Head of Project Management at Marken, leading Marken’s global team of more than 50 Project Managers specializing in supply chain, direct to patient, logistics and home health care services. In his leadership position, Jeff focused on complex trials and strategic initiatives to ensure ongoing process improvements and optimization. In his current role, Jeff has been tasked with building out a similar project management organization for cell and gene therapies. Jeff started his pharmaceutical career at a Contract Manufacturing (CMO) company where gained experience with secondary packaging, quality assurance, import/export and supply chain management.

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Who Should Attend?

Audience should be supply chain decision makers from

  • Pharma
  • Biotech
  • Central Labs
  • CMOs
  • CROs
  • CDMOs

What You Will Learn

  • Challenges that cell and gene therapies encounter as they progress towards their goal
  • The need for a seamless execution of a vein-to-vein supply chain throughout the journey
  • The precautions that manufacturers need to consider in complex therapies
  • Maximize the potential of your cell and gene therapy pipeline

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Marken is a wholly owned subsidiary of UPS. Marken is the only patient-centric supply chain organization 100 percent dedicated to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. Marken maintains the leading position for Direct to Patient and Home Health care services, biological sample shipments and offers a state-of-the-art GMP-compliant depot network and logistic hubs in 54 locations worldwide for clinical trial material storage and distribution. Marken’s more than 1,100 staff members manage 85,000 drug and biological shipments every month at all temperature ranges in more than 220 countries. Additional services such as biological kit production, ancillary material sourcing, storage and distribution, shipment lane verification and qualifications, as well as GDP, regulatory and compliance consultancy add to Marken’s unique position in the pharma and logistics industry.

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