EDC vs eSource: Is it Time to Move?

Life Sciences, Clinical Trials,
  • Wednesday, February 26, 2020

eSource is a growing topic and trend in the clinical trial industry, but adoption and uptake have been slow. As an industry, we have become comfortable with Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and some may be nervous that this is the end of traditional EDC.

eSource promises to be a solution that provides real-time data collection and access, which can cut huge amounts of time and effort in the trial process. For example, how can a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) perform source data verification when the data are eSource? There are challenges in the adoption of eSource from regulatory compliance concerns to technology barriers and costs of change management. With such challenges, is there still room for traditional EDC?

This webinar will pose the question if eSource is better than EDC and vice versa. The featured speakers will explain EDC and eSource in some detail and then look at the pros and cons of both in an attempt to take a balanced view. The listeners should leave the webinar having a solid understanding of the challenges that they would face today if they were to adopt eSource for their next clinical trial but also an idea of where eSource will likely go in the future.


Jon Carter, Cmed Technology

Jon Carter, Product Manager, Cmed Technology

Jon Carter has worked with Cmed Technology for almost 15 years. He joined Cmed as a database programmer and for the last five years, Jon has been a product manager, where he lives and breathes the encapsia clinical data suite. He works closely with both customers and development teams in order to develop the new generation clinical data suite.

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Catie Roland, Cmed Technology

Catie Roland, Program Manager, Cmed Technology

Catie Roland has worked in the clinical research industry for almost 10 years, with a focus on technology and software delivery for the last four. Catie has a strong background in electronic patient-reported outcomes and electronic clinical outcomes assessment. She is an encapsia product expert and works closely with sponsors and sites to adopt the encapsia clinical data suite where both eSource and EDC are in use.

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Mark Tomlinson, Cmed Technology

Mark Tomlinson, Senior Director Technology Operations, Cmed Technology

Mark Tomlinson has 30 years’ experience in supporting the delivery of clinical trials, with the last 20 years focused on client delivery and adoption of technologies such as EDC and eSource. Mark is a firm believer in collaborative partnerships with clients to appreciate their needs and support achievement of their goals in technology adoption.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to consultants and senior-level executives including directors, department heads and vice presidents involved in:

  • Clinical Research
  • Clinical Operations
  • Data Management

From sponsors of clinical trials including:

  • Large Pharma
  • Medium-sized Pharma
  • Small Biotechs
  • CROs


What You Will Learn

Attendees will gain insights into the following: 

  • What is EDC?
  • What are the four types of eSource?
  • What are the pros and cons of both EDC and eSource?
  • What are the challenges eSource adoption faces?
  • When should EDC or eSource be implemented?
  • Is it possible to take on a hybrid approach? (both EDC and eSource in the same study)


Xtalks Partner

Cmed Technology

Cmed Technology is the technology division of Cmed Group, with headquarters in Horsham, UK plus offices in Morrisville NC, Cambridge MA, San Bruno CA, Timisoara, Romania and Dublin, Ireland.

Cmed Technology is the developer of encapsia, an innovative, powerful, next-generation clinical data suite. Encapsia delivers a complete solution to gather and manage data in clinical trials with live insights and analytics on trial progress to inform and support management decisions. www.encapsia.com

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