Improving the Environmental Sustainability of Emerging Autoinjectors

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  • Thursday, June 17, 2021

Sustainability in pharmaceuticals and medical devices is a driving trend in today’s market and is anticipated to continue with aging populations. To truly capture the full impact of a pharmaceutical product’s environmental impact, it is necessary to evaluate all elements of the product life cycle, including delivery device (e.g., autoinjector or on-body injector), waste and storage/energy.

Injectables represent one of the largest market sectors in the pharmaceutical industry, with autoinjectors expected to dominate the market sector by 2025; however, the autoinjector device format has barriers to achieving sustainability. Semi-reusable autoinjectors present a means of achieving the functionality of a traditional autoinjector and can include additional features to allow for connected health capability. Here, we offer data demonstrating improved sustainability of a semi-reusable device, a “smart autoinjector”, over historical autoinjector devices.


Bjarne Sørensen, Phillips-Medisize

Bjarne Sørensen, BSc, ME, Director of Front-End Innovation, Phillips-Medisize

Bjarne Sørensen, BSc, ME, is a Director of Front-End Innovation at Phillips-Medisize, based in the company’s Development Centre in Denmark. With over 35 years of experience within Product, Strategy and Business Development, Mr. Sørensen has an evident track record within different business areas. At Phillips-Medisize, he participates in customer programs, typically involving electronic injectors and connected health systems. He is also deeply involved in new electronic platform programs, especially on conceptual, technical and sustainability aspects.

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Emil Fraenkel, Phillips-Medisize

Emil Fraenkel, Sustainability Engineer, Phillips-Medisize

As a young professional, Emil is passionate about solving environmental issues in the pharmaceutical industry. By working at Phillips-Medisize, he can engage with quantitative sustainability assessments, practice life cycle assessments, and drive product sustainability initiatives.

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Who Should Attend?

This B2B webinar will appeal to technical leaders and managers at small to large pharmaceutical and medical device companies and job functions including, but not limited to:

  • Pharmaceutical companies in the injection market
  • Pharmaceutical product development managers
  • Sustainability leaders and supply chain managers in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Pharmaceutical device engineers engaged in technology selection (R&D/Supply)

What You Will Learn

This presentation will highlight the improved sustainability developments of new, semi-reusable injection devices over traditional autoinjectors, particularly when connected health functionality is included in the platform.

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Phillips-Medisize, LLC, a Molex company, is an end-to-end provider of innovation, development and manufacturing solutions to the pharmaceutical, diagnostics and medical device market segments. Backed by the combined global resources of Molex and its parent company Koch Industries, Phillips-Medisize’s core advantage is the knowledge of its people to integrate design, molding, electronics, and automation, providing innovative, high-quality manufacturing solutions. 

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