Patient Recruitment Strategies: New Methods for Scale-Up and Eliminating Redundancies

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  • Wednesday, September 12, 2018

It’s common for sponsors to conduct multiple clinical trials with the same compound. It’s also common for each of these trials to be treated as a stand-alone project – each led by a new study team empowered to choose the same or different vendors. And while some of these common practices are born of necessity, they often result in a series of redundancies.

One area particularly susceptible to such redundancies is patient recruitment. Creating basic elements like study branding, naming, websites, and the generation of patient and site materials takes time and effort – but duplicating this time and effort across multiple studies is an avoidable drain on resources that stretch beyond the immediate study, impacting legal, medical, regulatory, and a litany of other teams.

The truth is, many of these processes can (and should) be shared among studies in a strategic, streamlined way. New thinking around organizing a recruitment structure at a compound or indication level is rapidly gaining attention across pharma R&D. The result of this type of planning is a scalable process that allows sponsors to add studies quickly, with more flexibility, improved recruitability of patients, sites, and HCPs, all while reducing costs and time.


Neil Weisman, EVP and General Manager, Continuum Clinical

Neil Weisman, EVP and General Manager of Continuum Clinical, helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies bring new therapies to market faster and more efficiently by solving critical communication challenges that impact the clinical development process. With more than 15 years of experience, Neil leads the strategic direction for Continuum Clinical clients and oversees a global team of dedicated healthcare marketers, clinical trial experts, and patient advocates.

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Senior professionals involved in:

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What You Will Learn

  • How to implement a thoughtful study brand architecture that will unlock efficiencies in time and cost, and allow for rapid scalability
  • How to measure efficiencies and quantify benefits for multiple stakeholders
  • Key takeaways to help you avoid roadblocks on the path to implementation

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Continuum Clinical

Continuum Clinical is a global patient recruitment and retention company. With over twenty-five years of experience, Continuum Clinical unites world-class innovators with expertise across disciplines including patient insights, advocacy, site engagement, outreach, and performance metrics. The company understands patient, healthcare professional, and site motivations, and uses these insights to execute proven recruitment and retention strategies. Continuum Clinical prioritizes creative thinking and data-driven strategies to deliver results for life science organizations, meeting study enrollment milestones with unmatched precision. Headquartered in the US, Continuum Clinical has over 140 employees in the US and Europe and an expanded network of resources worldwide.

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