AI and Radiomics in Drug Development: Challenges and Approaches

Life Sciences, Drug Discovery & Development,
  • Monday, January 22, 2024

Discover an informative webinar delving into the important and potential impacts of radiomics and artificial intelligence (AI) based technologies in modern drug development.

The discussion will begin with a high-level overview of the drug development process and its complexities (i.e., costs, timelines and success rates) and cover how AI is currently being utilized, especially in drug discovery. Then the featured speakers will delve into the emerging field of radiomics and AI approaches in clinical-stage drug development and drug commercialization through digital companion diagnostics to ultimately enable access to precision medicine.

It will also cover the scientific underpinnings of radiomics and AI-based predictive algorithms, grasping the fundamentals, including data preprocessing, algorithm development and practical deployment.

Final discussions center on real-world use cases, demonstrating the tangible impact of these technologies in drug development. From streamlined clinical development and reduced timelines to enhanced success rates and cost reductions, radiomics and AI-based technologies present a large and meaningful value proposition to the drug development and commercialization paradigm. There will also be discussions about the current and future challenges of this field.

Join this webinar to explore the transformative impact of AI and radiomics in drug development, from high-level insights to real-world applications.


Ron Korn, Imaging Endpoints

Ron Korn, MD, PhD, Founder and Chief Medical Officer, Imaging Endpoints

Dr. Ron Korn, as Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Imaging Endpoints, has a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Molecular Biology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, which provided a solid foundation for his medical training at Stanford School of Medicine followed by postgraduate training at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Korn specializes in nuclear medicine and cancer biology with extensive involvement in clinical research as both a Study Investigator and Clinical Publication Author that has afforded him in-depth knowledge of the common pitfalls and complex challenges associated with clinical trials. Dr. Korn has received public recognition and awards from the American Society of Clinical Oncology, American College of Radiology Imaging Network, Ibis Foundation of Arizona and received the Top Doctor Award for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine.

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Pamod Hemakumara, Quibim

Pamod Hemakumara, Director of Corporate Development, Quibim

Pamod Hemakumara serves as the Director of Corporate Development at Quibim to drive inorganic growth, strategic partnerships and fund-raising activities at Quibim. His role also has a focus on growing Quibim’s biopharmaceutical business, which involves partnering with biopharmaceutical companies for Quibim’s novel radiomics and AI-based predictive algorithms. He holds degrees in biochemistry, biotechnology as well as business administration.

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Fuensanta Bellvís Bataller, Quibim

Fuensanta Bellvís Bataller, VP of Clinical Studies, Quibim

Fuensanta Bellvís Bataller, as VP of Clinical Studies at Quibim, is responsible for the department that manages clinical trials, observational studies and research projects in collaboration with biopharmaceutical companies and academic and research institutions, mainly in the areas of oncology/immunotherapy, rheumatology and neurology. With an extensive technical background, she brings to clinical studies a scientific vision to optimize the exploitation of medical imaging and its transformation into actionable predictions. She studied biomedical engineering and has extensive experience in the field of imaging companion diagnostics.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to professionals in the following fields:

  • Biopharmaceutical Executives (C-level, VPs, Directors, Managers) in imaging, biomarkers, R&D, clinical development, oncology, business development and medical departments
  • Contract Research Organization (CRO) Executives, Directors and Managers
  • Academics and Researchers in life sciences

What You Will Learn

Attendees will gain insights into:

  • The pivotal role of radiomics and AI in drug development
  • Their potential in streamlining processes and enabling precision medicine
  • The real-world applications and their impact on the drug development landscape

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At Quibim, we’re revolutionizing personalized medicine by delving beyond what the human eye can see. We employ AI-powered imaging tools derived from years of intensive research to assist doctors in diagnosis and anticipating patient progression. Our solutions transform imaging data into actionable predictions, enhancing patient outcomes and driving medical imaging innovation. Now internationally expanded, we’re excited to introduce our new line of products focused on predictive imaging biomarker panels, ensuring continuous advancement in life sciences and provider solutions.

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