Recreating the Taste of Real Meat – A Multi-Faceted Approach

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  • Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Plant-based meat (PBM) products have garnered popular attention and increased market share of the savory protein market, yet they still only represent about one percent of processed meat volumes. While health-oriented concerns are still the #1 purchasing factor, there is growing concern for the environment, sustainability and animal welfare as is relates to animal protein, especially among young consumers. Innovation in emulating meat taste has been, and will continue to be, a key factor in driving consumer acceptance of PBM among flexitarian consumers. Givaudan has deconstructed the essential steps in formulating remarkable PBM applications and will present those stepwise to illuminate a layered approach.

In the first steps, selecting a protein ingredient, natural coloring system and off-flavor masking builds a foundation for the nutrition, appearance, texture and neutralized taste related to the specific target application. Next, selecting a flavor system that includes reaction flavors for general savory taste and umami for building complexity and longevity establishes the flavor backbone. Then, layering a cooking cue, like seared for beef or crusty fatty for pork, delivers culinary authenticity that is generally challenging to develop through industrial processing. Finally, an aromatic flavor delivers the species identification for beef, chicken or pork so that consumers can identify the taste authenticity. This overall approach will be discussed in the context of first-generation applications like burgers and next-generation applications like deli meat and pepperoni.

MISTA exists to help companies, large and small, transform the global food system to meet the needs of the future. Helping companies bring new plant-forward solutions to the market that enables a shift in our global food system to rely less on the unsustainable, meat-forward diet, is a key part of our mission. From platform technologies to ingredients to CPG, the company focuses on the entire value chain to understand how the hyper-connected, interdependent food system can work together to drive a transformational shift in the food system.



Ashley Kindle, Category Marketing, Savory, Givaudan

Ashley Kindle has been with Givaudan for three years. She focuses on understanding the consumer insights that drive the consumption of plant-based meats as well as the flavor and product trends. Before joining savory, she worked in the sweet goods and dairy segment exploring the use of plant-based proteins in dairy products. As a traditional “meat and potatoes” person, she loves the innovation and quality products coming out of the plant-based space in recent years.

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Matt McGuffey, Product Manager, Savory, Givaudan

Matt McGuffey has been a Savory Product Manager at Givaudan for more than three years. He manages technology to enhance the wellness and taste for both plant and animal-derived proteins. For plant-based meat, this encompasses the performance of masking, umami, culinary cues and vegan meat flavors in a range of applications.

Prior to joining Givaudan, he was a Senior Scientist at General Mills and its joint venture Cereal Partners Worldwide for 13 years where he supported grain-based product development and twin screw extrusion.

He earned food science degrees from NC State University (MS & PhD) and Purdue University (BS). In graduate school, he studied the thermal transformation of whey proteins in model food systems.

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Panchali Chakraborty, Technical Director, Savory and Snacks, Givaudan

Panchali Chakraborty has been with Givaudan for over 13 years. She started in the Complex Ingredient development group where she developed natural flavor ingredients using fermentation, enzymolysis and/or Maillard reaction. As the plant protein space was emerging, she shifted her focus to start the Protein Platform within Givaudan about six years back. In this capacity, she has led an application team within the Regional Innovation group. Currently, she is the Technical Director for savory/snack teams and manages a group of food scientists, flavorists and seasoning creators. Chakraborty earned her MS in food process engineering from South Dakota State University and a degree in nutrition from UC College of Allied health.

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Scott May, Founder & VP of Innovation, MISTA

Scott May is the Cross Functional Leader of Innovation and Strategy in the food and beverage industry with 35 years of experience. Currently, he is VP of Innovation and founder of MISTA, a new venture funded by Givaudan, the world’s largest flavor company. MISTA’s mission is to help start-ups and corporate partners optimize ideas, products, people and investments by connecting them to a world-class food and beverage development facility, capabilities and ecosystem located in the heart of San Francisco. May leverages his passion to explore new opportunities, making innovation a way of life and corporate success. Being a consummate futurist, combined with the strong ability to execute, enables him to create new ways of thinking, doing and being, from product creation, to strategic partnerships, to new business models, culminating in the delivery of breakthrough change and results.

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Who Should Attend?

  • Product Developers of Plant-Based Meat Products
  • Research and Development Leaders (Managers, Directors & Vice Presidents) of Plant-Based Materials
  • Culinary Development Chefs
  • Innovation Managers
  • Plant-Based Start-Up Companies

What You Will Learn

  • Gain 2020-relevant North American market insights for this dynamic category
  • Follow a step-by-step approach to formulating a PBM application
  • Be able to compare and contrast formulation approaches for select plant-based applications like burgers, sausages, lunch meats, pepperoni and hot dogs
  • Learn the importance of different flavor tools like masking, reaction flavors, umami, cooking cues and top notes to deliver a holistic experience that recreates the taste of real meat
  • Gain the perspective of a start-up incubator on key considerations for entering the PBM marketplace

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With an expanded portfolio of products across flavours, taste, functional and nutritional solutions and a deep knowledge of the food ecosystem, Givaudan’s passion is to collaborate with customers and partners to develop game-changing innovations in food and beverage. Let’s imagine together the future of food.

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