Reduction of Blood Lipids: A New Era for Cardiovascular Probiotics

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  • Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Dietary supplements for cholesterol/lipid reduction have long utilized a core group of familiar nutrients including Sterols, Omega 3s, Tocotrienols, Soluble Fibers, Pantethine and Polymethoxylated Flavonoids. Today, there is yet another potent option for the reduction of lipids and improvement in cardiovascular health: a multi-strain, Lactobacillus plantarum KABP™ formulation known as “Cardio Probiotic”.

Probiotic microorganisms have a long history of safe use and have been documented for various health benefits. Many strains of lactic acid bacteria (LAB) from the genus Lactobacillus have been identified to possess probiotic properties. They have enjoyed a golden halo for their role in regulating gut well-being. Recent evidence has illustrated the potential of Lactobacillus plantarum KABP for cardiovascular health and lipid metabolism.

Register for this webinar to learn about Cardio Probiotic, a three-strain L. plantarum formulation consisting of KABP-011, KABP-012 and KABP-013, and its recent journal publications. In the most recent study, Cardio Probiotic administration for 12 weeks in 340 hypercholesterolemic subjects demonstrated the ability to reduce serum LDL cholesterol and TG regardless of age, gender or specific medications (including antidiabetics and antihypertensives). Furthermore, the study noted that higher lipid reductions were observed on subjects with high baseline cholesterol levels.

Cardio Probiotic reduces endogenous and exogenous cholesterol and increases triglyceride expenditure through multiple mechanisms of action. These mechanisms include increased bile salt hydrolase activity and short chain fatty acid production (SCFAs). Register for this webinar to learn about the evidence of gut microbiota for improving cardiovascular health.


Bob Barry, Kaneka

Robert J. Barry, Ph.D., Executive Director of Scientific Affairs, Kaneka

Dr. Barry focuses on clinical research development and collaboration and on the development of the technical, business and commercial translation of products and technology for Kaneka North America, a leading supplier of Ubiquinol, Coenzyme Q10 and Probiotics.

Dr. Barry was a Principal Advisor for NIH specializing in the commercial development of biotech start-up companies, their technologies and products. He also founded and served as president of a premier independent testing laboratory and scientific research company serving the natural products industry.

Dr. Barry earned his bachelor’s degree in biology from Boston College; his Ph.D. in chemistry/biochemistry from the University of Maryland; postdoctoral research in Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at Harvard Medical School; and was a staff researcher in neuropathology at Harvard Medical School.

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This webinar will benefit those with the following job functions within the dietary supplement, beverage and candy manufacturing sectors:

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  • Chief Science Officers

What You Will Learn

In this webinar, Kaneka’s scientific affairs expert will outline the unique hypolipidemic attributes of specific, clinically tested KABP™ probiotic strains. Also, the speaker will cover published experimental and clinical data demonstrating lipid reductions and mechanisms of action.

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