Streamlining IRT in clinical trials: Simplify, optimise, succeed

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  • Thursday, February 15, 2024 | 10am EST (NA) / 3pm GMT (UK) / 4pm CET (EU-Central)
  • 60 min

Discover an informative webinar exploring how streamlined interactive response technology (IRT) solutions simplify trials, cut costs and accelerate study initiation. Every clinical trial is distinct, with specific objectives and complexities. Similarly, choices for IRT systems can range from highly customizable platforms to more streamlined “express” solutions. In an increasingly complex clinical trial landscape, sponsors are often faced with balancing efficiency, budget constraints and trial complexity when choosing the most appropriate IRT solution.

A sponsor might choose a streamlined or simplified version of IRT system for several reasons, depending on the specific circumstances of their clinical trial. The featured speakers will explore scenarios where this type of IRT system can lead to quicker trial initiation and cost savings.

See how ICON Flex Advantage Express can support businesses as an economical IRT solution, where little to no customization is required. The speakers will demo how this tool provides IRT essentials such as screening, enrolment, randomization, dispensation, cohort management, emergency unblinding/reporting, notifications and integrations. They will also discuss optional services such as user acceptance testing (UAT) script writing and pack list/randomization list generation.

Engage with the speakers and panel of experts for answers to specific questions about IRT solutions and to learn more about how a streamlined IRT system can benefit specific clinical trial needs.

Key takeaways:

  • Gain insights into the advantages of how a streamlined IRT solution can simplify clinical trials
  • Learn when it’s ideal to opt for streamlined IRT and how it can align with study objectives
  • See a demo of ICON’s Flex Advantage Express, an IRT solution that embodies the principles discussed during the webinar

Embarking on a successful clinical trial journey requires the right tools and strategies and selecting the ideal IRT system is a critical step.

Join this webinar to discover how streamlining IRT in clinical trials can help to achieve business goals for accelerated study initiation, greater cost containment and more efficient resource utilization, to ultimately support the overarching aim of bringing innovative treatments to patients sooner.


Vijai Prakasam, ICON

Vijai Prakasam, Senior Manager, Technical Operations, IRT, ICON

Vijai Prakasam has 17 years of experience working in clinical research, primarily with IRT. He has a strong operational background with significant experience in various roles in study and core product development and testing. In his current role, Vijai leads a group of specialists with operational expertise in developing and testing clinical trials in ICON’s Flex Advantage system.

Message Presenter
Adrienne Doyle, , ICON

Adrienne Doyle, Portfolio Manager, IRT, ICON

Adrienne Doyle has over 16 years of IRT experience in clinical research and over 23 years of project management experience, and IRT expertise in a broad range of therapeutic areas and study management.

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Who Should Attend?

This webinar will appeal to IRT professionals and those involved in:

  • Clinical supply management
  • Clinical delivery/operations
  • Clinical strategy
  • Project management
  • Procurement
  • Early phase trials
  • Medical device trials

What You Will Learn

Attendees will gain insights into:

  • The advantages of streamlining IRT solutions in simplifying clinical trials
  • Conditions when choosing streamlined IRT and their alignment with study objectives
  • A demo of an IRT solution embodying discussed webinar principles

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With headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, ICON employs approximately 41,150 employees in 113 locations in 53 countries.

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